When Will The “Basketball Wives” Learn To Stop Throwing Shizz??? Police Pop Reality Star At Reunion Taping!

- By Bossip Staff

“Basketball Wives” first season is over, but the drama continues to live on! This weekend the cast reconvened in Los Angeles to tape a reunion special, and after all the catfights and drinks thrown throughout the season — is it any wonder the day ended with one of the Basketball BabyMamas under arrest? Pop the hood for details.

According to RadarOnline reports:

Police were called to the set of VH1’s Basketball Wives on Saturday in Los Angeles and were forced to detain one cast member during the live-to-tape recording of the reunion special at Occidental Studios.

According to an on-set source, Suzie Ketcham — the ex-girlfriend of NBA star Michael Olowokondi — was arrested after an ugly on-camera confrontation.

“The show was taping and then the cast was told, ‘We have a surprise guest,” the source told RadarOnline.com.

That special guest was “Sandra” — the infamous “groupie” who had a drink thrown in her face during a fight with Ketcham on an episode of the premiere season.

“Suzie got really p—– off and just got up and left, but not soon after, she came back with a huge bucket of water and threw it at Sandra.”

“Sandra tried to run away, but in the process, she slipped in the water and fell,” recounted the insider.

“The whole audience gasped.”

With Sandra seriously hurt, production staff called paramedics who responded not soon after.

She was treated in front of the studio audience.

“As she was being taken off set, the first words out of her mouth were, “Call my lawyer”,” said the source.

Police were also called and responding officers arrested Ketcham and took her into custody for questioning.

It’s understood Sandra — whose condition is unknown — wants charges laid against the mother of two.

“We responded to a reported assault at approximately 5.30pm PT,” the Los Angeles Fire Department confirmed to RadarOnline.com.

“We dispatched one of our fire engines and a rescue ambulance to the scene.. and a person of unknown condition was taken to an area hospital.”

“Production staff locked the whole audience and crew in the studio for at least 45 minutes — and no one was allowed to leave,” described the source.

“They continued to tape the show for some time, but they still kept everyone locked in even when they weren’t taping.”

SMH @ the things producers pull to provoke controversy! So there just happened to be a bucket lying around backstage for Suzie to act a fool with? And they say this sh*t isn’t scripted. Ha.

It probably goes without saying that the ratings for the reunion special, slated to air Sunday, June 20 at 10PM ET/PT, should be through the roof.


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  • lilbabiphat2004


  • tonyaisfierce

    WOW I hope it was worth it.

  • Its Bambi *itch!

    Well “Plastic Surgery” can sue vh1 & Suzie..

  • AG

    Show is dying for ratings.

  • ErycaK

    The show puts me to sleep instantly.. Those old hoes are washed up dirty groupies

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  • Whatever!

    What a shame!

  • ssquared

    I think some of these networks need to start being sued as well. I too beleive that they are provoking these women to act like this. Maybe some of this idiotic mess will stop happening if the networks start getting sued as well. But I have to admit, I love this mess!!! As long as it’s someone else’s drama. Lol.

  • LaDiva

    These bytches has entirely too much time on their hands to act this retarded.
    Get some gainful employment.

  • Glok... Harlemz Finest ..Game Over You lose!


  • Nique(C'mon Vamanos!!)

    @It’s Bambi *itch!

    Word is ol girl already filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against VH1…we shall c!

    “Call my lawyer” ….spoken like a true gold digger! LMAO!


    To be women (except ROYCE) they have some huge feet!!!!

  • Nique(C'mon Vamanos!!)

    Oh n VH1

  • Nique(C'mon Vamanos!!)

    Oh n VH1 would b fools if they didnt have these hoes sign waivers b4 even getting on a flight!

  • soulwoman

    Stop giving hoes shine.

  • juliemango


  • LuvN_Life


  • LuvN_Life


  • LuvN_Life

    Suze is so dam ugly with her raggedy a.s.s grill

  • MzTrina95fo

    Haha I love seeing people other than blacks act like str8 a**holes. LMAO at the girl who feel in the water. and LMAO at the girl who got arrested….LOL AHHH HAAA dumb latina gold-diggers….lol!!

  • C Beautiful

    HATED THIS SHOW FROM DAY ONE! These catty, petty bi%^$es are ridiculous! Seriously, a bucket of water! Producers know how to make $. Drama and BS sells.

  • Its Bambi *itch!

    @Nique(C’mon Vamanos!!) I figured..

    Maybe they’ll pay her off. That’s going to be an expensive bucket of water.

  • http://Bossip.com Eddy

    This show should be called Basketball Groupies! Only one is married, and she’s a groupie also.

  • what is that?

    DEZ DAMES… they are all lame and retarted..due to the fact that they are not the only ones getting f**ked in their relationships…i guess any one could get on tv with very low self esteem issues..where these chicks just on tv getting loot…does anyone one these dames have jobs to go too? what is their relationship with their like? how do they function, day to day in their relationship with their mates? well you have working single moms that get up, go to work, take of family and then themselves..and make it happen, day by day..and i am one..poor choice of role models or lack there of… black sistas acting like fool for these negros on television that is why these players are snappin’ on them so bad..now i see…

  • nita

    this show is super stupid. All one them need to get a life even shaunie. She made a complete fool out of these women for her own stupid gain. GROW UP

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