Ted Koppel’s Son Dies After Drinking Binge

- By Bossip Staff

Andrew Koppel, the son of Television news anchor, Ted Koppel, has died at the age of 40, BOSSIP has learned:

The son of legendary TV newsman Ted Koppel was found dead in a Washington Heights apartment under mysterious circumstances yesterday morning after a daylong drinking binge with a man he had just met in a Midtown bar, law-enforcement sources said. Andrew Koppel, 40, of Rockaway Park, Queens, was declared dead at around 1:30 a.m. after paramedics were called to the rundown apartment in what a law-enforcement source called a “s- – – building” on 180th Street at Audubon Avenue, where he had been found unconscious and not breathing in a bedroom, the sources said.

Koppel — who was an attorney for the city Housing Authority — was a slobbering mess when he was brought to the apartment at around 11 p.m. by Russell Wimberly, a 32-year-old waiter he had met at a Hell’s Kitchen bar nearly 12 hours earlier.

Damn, sounds like he was going through something, our thoughts and prayers are with the Koppel family. R.I.P.


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  • ohhh boooy

    what a way to leave this earth

  • LaDiva

    Very sad.

  • AzzedineAlaiaFan

    So unfortunate. God bless the the Koppel family.

  • GOTYOU -

    Had money? His father had money – didn’t sound like he was too wealthy. He lived in Washington Heights and they showed his apartment. Nothing special. I’m more concerned with the fact the DOW is down again today.

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  • ByeHater

    summer solstice is here.

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  • notadummy

    There’s something gay about this story.

  • TheMainEvent

    6/1/10, 10:04:AM
    There’s something gay about this story.

    You beat me to it.

  • AfricanPrincess

    Its true, the loss of life is always sad. God Bless him and those he left behind. I hope peope could put aside any negative comments in situations like these when somebody’s brother, son, father or best friend is no-longer breathing.

  • zoriansmom

    Ted Koppel’s son died just so he doesn’t have to bear looking at his fathers toupee anymore! That man been on the news as long as I remember wearing the worst toupee I’ve ever seen!

  • http:chokolatemilk.blogspot.com Choco

    I think he was drugged…

  • ByeHater

    Ali-Ollie Woodson of the Temptations

  • Smittyt

    To all you black interracial toms out there,this is what your white lover is going to look like in the future.Look at Ted’s face ….YUCK YUCK YUCK!!!!

  • Pekababe

    this is very sad..R.I.P.

  • zoriansmom

    @Smittyt. You seem to take it rather personal what other grown adults do with there life, it may have something to do with what happened with your cousin but Smitty that couldve happened with black men too, people are people some are good most are bad color has nothing to do with it. I’ve seen you comment on other topics and agreed with you before so I have much respect for you but on the subject of interracial dating we just happen to disagree.

  • fashionista is a self hatin ho

    @ notadummy
    6/1/10, 10:04:am

    There’s something gay about this story.
    Agreed, I said the same thing, you meet a man, bar hop all day then end up at his apt?……nah, somethings up right there…..

  • GG

    Sounds like he was gay. May he RIP.

  • Gaydar Pings

    He was goin thru somethin alright….my bets on the other mans pants.

  • sholla21

    @ notadummy

    There’s something gay about this story.

  • TruthSlayer

    My heart is with the FAM….

    but something gay about this story. If he was so what. But damn!

    What a way to leave this earth.

    Rest In Peace.

  • divalive

    @ohhh boooy

    totally read your message and got the point.

    you said “I grew up poor so that now I am thankful for all that I have”

    I was pointing out that you can’t really correlate “growing up poor” with being thankful for what you have and not allowing things to take away from the life you have.

    whether rich or poor one has to learn how to be thankful and not allow material things to distract from what is really important.

  • VanGogh

    Money ia not a cure all; it is not important for happiness.

  • fashionista is a self hatin ho

    I disagree, it is not a cure all, but it is important for happiness (drinks,weed, pu*sy, yayo)….lol…i dont know of any-one broke and happy…

  • Dcgal

    My condolences to the Koppel family. Ted is the nicest man ever. We used to work at the same company and share the same birthday (so did Gary Coleman oddly enough). Stupid fools need to stop judging.

  • kendall

    Raised by nannies, neglected by father. Many adult children of the rich and famous end up like this. Aka Casey Johnson.

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