Kelly Rowland Demands Attention For New Video “Commander” With Cake Shots And Four Wardrobe Changes

- By Bossip Staff

Kelly Rowland turns up the heat looking like a wannabe “Sasha Fierce” by having a cake shot war with herself in the new video “Commander” featuring David Guetta. Apparently, no sponsors responded to Kelly’s begging to have placement in her video but it still turned out low budget with the help of a green screen.

Pop the Top for a Peek…
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Hate It or Love It?!?!

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  • LaDiva

    Sad what some ppl will do for fame.

  • eehrr

    she has the right to make music. so what’s the problem.

  • eehrr

    she already is FAMOUS. she only need to stay in the spotlight.

  • juliemango

    The light is onnnnnnnnnnn,loved it and the wow effect at the end. Brreakthru!!!

  • ms jazz

    geart job kells

  • My2cents

    Love it!!! KR rocked that ish!!!!

  • farealllllll724

    i like the song & it will sell internationally and in gay clubs but go kellly go

  • http://bossip brit

    I like Kelly ,but I am hoping your commander is not your handler lol but you smashed it and I love the song good look.

  • ErycaK

    Is anyone original anymore?

  • Its Bambi *itch!

    I like Kelly and she’s making an honest living..It’s a rare breed these days but,the lady can sing!


    Music is dying.


    Wherever that Jamaican druglord Dudus is hiding, they should blast this sh*t. You know ol’ boy would barrel outta there after two minutes begging for sweet mercy.

  • kizznmakeup


  • Yun Dun Know


  • daahlingnikki

    No matter what she does…She will forever be linked to Beyonce and although I am very sick of this kind of music…I do think this will be a hit for her in the clubs and overseas…Good going Kelly…Keep it moving and boooo to the naysayers…

  • LENE


  • pat

    looks more like JANET’S FEEDBACK…but i LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!! kelly eats beyonce in the body, fashion, and swag department anyway…….she’s very talented as well..she has my full support

  • Lelanwil

    Bissop, why would toy be so negative towards Kelly, let her fo what she do.

  • Peace

    Why are all these songs saying “turn the lights on”? Is that a new producing team or something?

  • 0_0

    She looked gorgeous. The song didn’t do much for me personally, but I can see it doing well in Europe.

    There are always gonna be dummies who only know how to compare her to Bey, because they believe Bey is the creator and innovator of everything that ever was and will be. Ridiculous and proof of their limited knowledge musical history.

  • aries79

    Good job Kelly

  • The Real


  • see this is why beyonce stays on top

    no wonder beyonce always on top because people always trying to swag jack her act…kelly needs to stop doing club music cuz it’s not her… just because beyonce brougt out a dance album doesnt mean that it’s a good idel for her to do one too.. beyonce has the right people behind her to push her stuff out even if it’s wack “too many white people love beyonce”

    kelly is 29 years old too late to be shakeing her cakes everywhere…beyonce started that years ago that’s why people rather see her do it

  • m&m

    I have to echo the rest of the readers in saying what is it with you guys always hating on Kelly…..I think she looks GREAT (wish I had that body) and it’s a catchy song that will be a hit in the US and abroad, so you go Kelly!!!!!!!!

  • see this is why beyonce stays on top

    why should we feel sorry for kelly rowland now….we try to tell her years ago that beyonce and her family was up to know good

    kelly always been the type to lie for the knowles family other than michelle…”we love each other…we support each other work” yeah right beyonce can care less about any of you lost member’s of destiny’s child

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