Blood Diamond Naomi Helps Louis Vuitton Unveil World Cup Case… Meanwhile Warlord Tries To Keep Her Off The Stand

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Naomi Campbell is in Paris today, helping Louis Vuitton show off the fly case they made to carry this year’s World Cup to South Africa, where the FIFA tournament will take place… Pop the hood for more shots of her flossin’ at Louis Vuitton headquarters and the latest on her involvement in the war crimes trial against former Liberian President Charles Taylor

It still hasn’t been determined whether or not “Blood Diamond Naomi” will have to testify at Charles Taylor’s trial, but yesterday Taylor’s lawyers formally opposed calling her as a witness in the trial, calling the request “a publicity stunt”. Details below:

Prosecutors earlier this month filed a motion seeking to have Campbell subpoenaed to testify about claims Taylor gave her “blood diamonds” at a reception in South Africa in 1997.

But Taylor’s lawyers said the evidence was “tangential to the real issues” against Taylor and said prosecutors were trying to introduce it too late in the trial – 15 months after they closed their case.

“For the prosecution to present such inferential evidence at this advanced stage, as part of an obvious publicity stunt, would bring the administration of justice into serious disrepute,” Taylor’s British lawyer Courtenay Griffiths wrote to judges.

Prosecutors say Campbell’s testimony would provide “direct evidence of the accused’s possession of rough diamonds from a witness unrelated to the Liberian or Sierra Leone conflicts.”

Taylor is charged with 11 counts of murder, torture, rape, sexual slavery and the use of child soldiers and terrorism in his role backing rebels in Sierra Leone’s 1991-2002 civil war.

It is unclear when judges will rule on the prosecution request.

Both Mia Farrow and Carole White, who were at the same reception as Taylor and Campbell, have provided written statements to the court about Taylor giving Campbell diamond. Should be interesting to see how this turns out, but is it really necessary for Naomi to testify? Shouldn’t there be plenty of evidence against this guy already?

Naomi got dressy for today’s Louis Vuitton press conference, but kept it casual to visit LV director Antoine Arnault at the company’s headquarters yesterday. Which do you prefer???

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  • kizznmakeup

    She looks great, as always

  • Miss Curves

    Guys, Naomi Campbell is not worrried about the Charles Taylor/Blood diamond issue, Her billionaire boyfriend is going to take care of it all, he will use his wealth and ifluence to make it all go away…






  • She said it.

    That is a bad bytch. I can’t wait for her to be crowned the Queen of Russia.

  • Roab

    That’s right Naomi! Don’t give up the diamond girl! Mia is just made because no one offered her old dried up self anything. She would have just pawned it for another kid. She is the original Angelina…damn “Adoption Junkie”! Don’t give up the stone Naomi and keep your mouth closed! I got $50 on the bail if you need it.


    The Burden of Proof is on the prosecution…

    You have to provide more than some third party witness to state that Naomi received that diamond

    Mia Farrow was not even present. She is claiming that Naomi told her that she received the diamond….straight crap

    this nonsense would not hold up in court…

    Either you are an eye witness and saw what happened or you are an old gossiping woman (named Mia Farrow)

  • She said it.

    @ Zoe

    Zoe has never been on the cover of Vogue?

  • ????

    Those two better be careful before Naomi beats them with that replica of the World Cup..


    @She said it

    it is only a matter of time my dear 😉

  • Bohwe

    Naomi is a bad chick.

    People are so easy to throw out the phrase”blood diamond”, when people are walking around everyday with blood diamonds. Smllugglers mixed blood diamonds in with legit diamonds all the time. So, we can’t tell.

    It’s amazing how people want to label things legal and illegal, what about inhumane vs. humane. Ar the workers in these diamond mines, being paid adequately, do they have insurance provided to their families incase of death? How do these workers live? We want to say what is right and wrong, but never want to investigate how we get our consumer goods. Everything is tainted if it is being marketed.

    For the people who claim that Campbell isn’t or hasn’t done anything for black models. Please do research before commenting on her life.She has a modeling agency in S.Africa, and she just said that ayoung black model Chanel Iman is her sucessor to her throne.

  • cinz

    u lke 2 play games i c, its alright, keep doing ya thang


    always looks beautiful in pictures very elegant looking, her behavour maybe not so elegant

  • Fashionista - Good Job Mike Nilon, that slave woman tried to use you

    How will she become the Queen of Russia, Explain?

  • Fashionista - Good Job Mike Nilon, that slave woman tried to use you

    Does she have long, silky real hair?

  • Sue

    As much as i hate Naomi, she is still a beautiful woman,with a beautiful smile. Black don’t crack.

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