Cormega Clears Up Misquote About Him Dissing Drake

- By Bossip Staff

Veteran emcee Cormega recently sat down in an interview to clear up remarks that he supposedly made about Drake. Continue…

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  • http://bossip jamille

    Who da fug is Carmex? Never heard of him.

  • Nicole The Nympho: I Saw Drake, He Loves His Fans

    apparently he’s mainly friends with nas and he went to jail in 1991 for robbing someone with a gun for 5-15 years and when he did get out his album sales were quite low, his 1st album got shelved and is mainly famous for shouting out to nas on his single “one love” nothin but a jealous thug hatin on drake or whomever else he’s pointin out, you dont have to be hood to understand the hardships so whatever

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  • High Society


    his name is Cormega and you never heard of him because you are apart of that brainwashed simpletons born in the 90’s. Cormega is that real Hip-Hop that you couldn’t understand if you tried to. Stick to that cartoon hip-pop that you’re used to for instance Fake umm I meant Drake.

  • Hot damn h* here we go again...

    Obviously if you have to pull Mega’s online bio to defend someone (Drake) who doesn’t know who the heck you even are, you’ve got stalker potential & someone who loves you should help you work through your issues… LMAO b/c it’s cute & sad at the same time…

  • Shawn of the Living’s your opinion….and you have a right to one..just like everyone else. If you think that Drake is whack….feel free to share that.

    I”m not a Drake fan. (A hater based on what’s said on here)

    But that’s ok

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    10 Spot

  • Anton Slizzardhands


  • Somali Ninga

    Drake is SO FAKE!!!!

  • Hot damn h* here we go again...

    My bad luv. It’s really just my feeling like messageboards are too full of people judging artists they have no historical knowledge of. Calling Mega a “jealous thug” when you’re (admittedly) unfamiliar with his body of work isn’t hot. And I apologize for calling you a stalker. That mess was rude & unnecessary. Chalk it up to me havin’ a moment. 🙂

  • sefe

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  • its the FOosa

    Im no Drake fan, but Cormega needs to worry about his own career. Remember yall, Nas ethered him on “Destroy and Rebuild” from Stillmatic.

  • CreoleLadee

    The number one rule of being a hiphop fan is to respect the game, and those who come before you…you can’t claim to like an artist of today and disrespect the people who paved the way for him….oh yea…u guys like those original people, like Nicki Minaj. No one ever did THAT before.

  • Ebonics

    WooooooooooW (flava flav style) half ya’ll on here are simple as fidd uck if you dont know who mega is thats pretty sad, he is (in my opinion) the greatest rapper alive. He is a street poet, hustler slash rapper. Check on him before you diss a true thug, all these lames in the game now are clowns this ish you call music is a long going circus. wayne TRASH nicki TRASH … Do yourself a favor and buy The True Meaning, learn some REAL music! FREE P!!!

  • real black is chocolate

    Drake is ugly, talentless and half Jew. he’s not black for us he’s black only for white ppl like obama!

    White and mixed people only have killed dark skinned brothers and sisters, black music and african-american culture!

    pls real black ppl wake up!



    born dark-skinned black stay dark-skinned black!

    mixed/light-skinned is devils sh’t


  • daahlingnikki

    if you’re not from the streets than don’t speak as if you are and that’s what cormega is saying…don’t talk about busting guns in the hood when you were really shooting skeet from your yacht…you would garner more respect if you rap about your actual life and not what you think you should portray as a rapper…

  • E-Bonics

    @ real black is chocolate

    Whoa! slow down, Im a mexican/spanish american woman, and I understand what your saying, but at the same time you need to realize this is 2010!!! You cant expect there to be NO swirlin going on in the world, as a matter of fact I ONLY date black men ( and NO its not for the size.. lol) no other race does it for me like a fine black man. So your comment does offend me on some levels because I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with having a mixed baby in fact half black half hispanic children are the cutest so GTFRRUCKOH w/ that ish man!!! If you wanna say dont be rappin bout streets and bustin heat when your a half white rich boy then i completely agree but … your jus doin too much, devil sh iii t .. fall back.

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