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It’s obvious that Tyson Beckford doesn’t follow in the ‘metro-sexual‘ footsteps of Jay-Z and Diddy when it comes to pubic hair. Here he is hairy crotch and all at The Marie Claire Cocktail Party in Sydney Australia this weekend. Damn that’s a lot of hair he has down there; waxing is one thing, but he could use a shape up and a trim. SMH.

More of Tyson on the flipside…

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  • Miss Dee

    Oh My Damn! What kind of “cock”tail party was that?! And why wasn’t I invited?!

  • kigali (Ignoring ugly gravies and fools typing in caps)

    Why did I just do a cartoon double take? Neck all hurtin’.

  • Miss Dee

    He’s still fine as hell… public hairs and all!


    ewww………….kinda….he is still fine tho

  • Ziggy


  • boo boo

    isn’t he gay?….I thought I read that somewhere

  • Almost Famous

    what the hell?

  • Dana

    Oh My Diddy! Euuuw!

  • Candace

    I wanna see what’s underneath that towel…

    *I got the celebacy blues*

  • Texaz

    Now he knows damn well better than that some things you just dont show people l.o.l UGH!!!!!!!!!!ha-ha some people have no shame

  • char

    In the 3rd pic u can actually see part of his member hmmmm lol! What kinda party was this??

  • beauty on lock

    Ok, maybe I’m missing something here. Can someone help me out here? Why is Tyson flashing his business at a party?

  • Mica

    Do we have any pride as a Black race left in us? why is he fine but looking like a clown.

  • Bahamas/Chicago/Cayman Girl

    WTF!! That’s a bit much, its all thick and course and nappy!! That mess will get caught all in the teeth, make a white chick/brotha choke (which ever he prefers):) But I have maintained Tyson, is a beautiful sight to be hold, Jamaican Chiny at its best!!!

  • Corree

    He needs a weed wacker….and some class.

  • I'm Just Me- 25 OFFICIALLY!! BTW: I keep the purp by the pound!!

    Um for some reason this shyt is not a turn on at all. I mean I don’t know if I want to see hubby with the Brazilian but I definitely don’t like this 70’s afro shyt either. Makes it looks like it might be small:(


    damn. damn, damn, damn.

  • Candice Burgess


    Tyson is sweeter than wine. He didn’t disrespect any black women, so leave him be. Class? Hmm, he’s a model. Models get naked. That’s just what they do. I would be more concerned if my man was butting ahead of me in the line to get himself a Brazilian wax than not shaving. Now that’s what I call suspect!

    Tyson can get it! Woot.


  • justmoi

    …no but seriously, what kind of ‘cocktail party’ was that?!

  • Reston Street Brawler

    wassup on expecting dudes to wax their pubic hair? I’ll never do that. My girl doesn’t have a problem with my nappy patch.

  • KP

    Damn, old boy has no ass at all… damn shame

  • Kahmmillion

    These pics do nothing for me…If you are going to show the hair…just show it all, Tyson!

  • 1TruDiva w/The PlatinumVocals!!!!---The Bodyguard was a classic!!!!

    He should put a perm down there!

  • chrissy


  • rik

    um wow!!!! Don’t listen to the haters Tyson. Everything about you is perfection…everything!!!!!

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