Gucci Mane New Video “911 Emergency” Has New Starlet Showing Cake… Bria Who?

- By Bossip Staff

Gucci Mane dropped his new video today for  “911 Emergency” and Bria Murphy is out of the picture. Gucci has a new chick that wants the lime light– rumored love interest Keyshia Dior — who grabs it from the jump.

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  • Somali Ninga


  • Its Bambi *itch!

    Ok…she was in the Drake & Tim vid. I’m getting a lil Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam hair mixed w/Keisha from the group Total..she’s cute but nothing new.

  • OMG Becky!

    St8 garbage. This is what happens when you remove music programs from public high school curriculum. What a homo-thug….

  • von

    good bria dont know how to act anyways acting is not for you or modeling.and keyisha looks better anyways.just want to be in spotlignt anyways and who care bria who

  • Yun Dun Know

    Gucci is the devil himself; and all the other artists are his spawns….smh



    This n*gga is BABBAGE!!!

    I prefer Jeezy over him and I dont even listen to this type of music. Makes my IQ decrease and thats just not what I’m tryna do! =)

  • Zinger

    God this is wack. I wish KRS One would run on screen and throw this wack MC off the stage

  • OMG So F*cking Whack!!

    Garbage!! Garbage!! OMG! That woman looks like she’s wearing a padded diaper.

  • jen

    bria looks better

  • Mr. P.D.Y.R

    Whoever made the krs comment shouldn’t b listening to this no way past your bedtime!!! Gucci da truth and soon you will c. But you all praise mr. Camel whose still tryin to be 20. Quite hatin and get ya own money. By the way this gurl clearly looks better than u cause u wouldn’t have said anything!!

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