His Airness Soars Again…Sorta!

- By Bossip Staff

It has been confirmed that the greatest basketball player ever will be gracing the cover of 2K Sports–NBA 2K11. The game is slated to be released on October 5th and will be the return for his ‘Airness’ to the video game form since 2004. We all know that Jordan could sell your mother back to your father after borrowing her for a night. The man is a marketing machine from his Jordan brand making a gazillion dollars to his somewhat annoying Hanes commercials. Despite it all he sells and sells big! So how are current NBA players feeling that Jordan who now owns the Charlotte Bobcats being on the cover and not them? Who cares! No one in the league can carry Jordan’s high school jockstrap let alone his 47 year-old one.

The crazy thing is that Jordan hasn’t played in 7 years and yet the league is still dependent on him for a lot of things. Yes, there is Kobe, Bron Bron and Dwight Howard with his baby ear having self but none of them dudes are at the level of MJ. Michael said in a statement,

“It’s an honor to be featured on the cover of NBA 2K11. “I have no doubt that NBA 2K11 will be a big hit with gamers and basketball fans alike. I’m looking forward to getting back out on the court, virtually.”

2K Sports did not say how MJ will be used in the game but if you’re a Utah Jazz fan you better hope he doesn’t pop in the game to steal your hopes of winning a championship!

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  • Hey there

    @ d 1st comment…….Do I sense a hint of sacarsm? lol
    I love MJ….to me he is the best player to ever play basketball………

  • xiha'

    too emotional to play this game …..

  • Josh

    It was a pleasure to see that man play.

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    MJ > Kobme + LeChoke + “Superman”


  • jocab

    Jordan was not the best player ever. He was the best marketed. Kobe is just as good. Kareem, Bill Russell, Dr.J, and Magic were better.

  • Kaylah

    Doesn’t matter if MJ is the dumbest but smartest greatest bball player ever and his ex-wife got a LOT of his chunk change BUT he is gonna always SELL because he’s a legend! His sons should be honored that he produced them! FA REAL!

  • It's Me

    that my nicca. Always been a fan of the greatness…

  • j's world


    Hater. They all are greats…he’s just da greatest like Muhammed Ali

  • Missya


  • sean-slade

    my kids are already asking for the game cant wait to get it

  • Fake J's 4 Sell

    Yo all his abilities better be on 100

  • White Women Rule

    Darling while I am hardly a sports authority, I do believe Julius Erving (Dr. J) started the “incredibleness” long before Mr. Jordan was a part of the game. Michael may have the rings, but Dr. J. soared much higher and farther. Please do your research dear!

  • JHW

    @White Women Rule – actually, Elgin Baylor was incredible long before Dr. J’s day. There”s a research project for you.

  • Black Mamba

    Kobe scored 42 points before halftime against Jordan. If he played in the 80’s, he Kobe would be averaging 38 points per game. There is no way in hell Jordan would have 6 titles playing against todays NBA talent.

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