Dwyane Wade Granted “Temporary Custody” Of Sons…

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Dwyane Wade and high school sweetheart Siohvaughn’s divorce has been quite ugly, but now D-Wade can get a little sleep because he’s just been granted with “physical possession” of his two sons…

Dwyane Wade now has temporary custody of his two sons, the second significant legal development of the week for the Miami Heat star.

Wade was awarded “physical possession” of the boys Wednesday by a judge in Chicago. The ruling came one day after the 2006 NBA finals MVP settled four civil suits in Miami that were brought by, and against, former business partners and were unrelated to his ongoing divorce and custody battle.

The Chicago court found that an emergency order was merited because Wade’s time for visitation with his children “has been frustrated on an ongoing basis as a result of continual interference” by his estranged wife Siohvaughn. The court cited three instances, one in March and two in May, where Dwyane Wade’s visitation schedules were altered, the last happening when his wife allegedly would not open the gate to her home so the boys could be picked up.
“The Court is troubled by the continuing pattern of (Siohvaughn Wade) to obey court orders when they go her way and disobey court orders when they do not,” wrote Associate Judge Fe Fernandez in the order.

Dwyane Wade is not only seeking a divorce, but full custody of the boys.

Before leaving Miami on Tuesday, the NBA star said he was looking forward to spending as much time as possible with the boys, saying settling four civil cases at once in South Florida allowed his sons “to get their daddy back” for the summer.

Good for him. That Siohvaughn character must be crazy as bat sh*t or going all the way through it for them to grant D-Wade custody. SMH. She needs to get it together.


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  • ssquared


  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    Is gabby still in the picture. this will be the true test of their relationship if she is…

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    glad he got his boys though…

  • Bug

    Interesting! D-Wade should enjoy the time he has with the boys and cherish every moment. It’s sad to see women use children as the source to get revenge. Not sure of the events that caused the downfall in their marriage (both being contributors), but both parties should realize its the past and do things in the best interest of their children.

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  • whatever dude

    Who cares…a nanny will be raising them anyway.

  • Say What???

    My comment will not post…no swear words. Hmm could it be because I am not spewing hate?

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    I wish him all the luck with that!

  • 2Sweet

    Damn shame kids have to be in the middle of this mess.

  • Say What???

    Maybe he brought little miss break-a-union to the house with him to get the kids. I wouldn’t let him in either!

  • ThatBKChick

    This is what I just do not understand with Siohvaughn and even Moshonda…these men traded up and cheated up. God obviously has better plans for you, hence, you would still be together. Most celebrities, rappers, artist and sports figure cheat. With that being said, most prenups go out the window once infidelity can be proven or involved…so do as Juanita Jordan, Shaunie O’neal and others have done, take the money honey and do you…some one should do a real basketball wives intervention show on Siohvaughn with Juanita, Shaunie and real wives who kept it real and moving!

    Here these women have the money and access to get what the law states they are entitled to, get the money and the kids and move the hell on!

    The sweetest revenge is success. These women should be doing what Shaunie O’neal is doing and finding a man for themselves and move the hell on!! There is nothing more that will break a ni99gaz heart than to move on successfully and find a more deserving man that will love you and his kids and maybe be a better man and or father than he is…..MOVE ON Siohvaughn!!!

    I don’t even need an ounce of that money to move on. After my divorce and my husbands infidelity issues, I picked up with our children, went back to Grad school and found another wonderful man who has my back and my kids back.

    God takes care of those who takes care of themselves. If was meant for God to keep a man and woman together then we would not be seeing divorces and so forth…..LET GO AND LET GOD!V

  • girl boo

    @ say what
    Her not letting him in is why she does not have custody.
    Some chicks just don’t get it. He wants to spend time with his kids and she won’t let him because her feelings are hurt. Good decision judge.

  • Megan

    See people never know what the true story is, a few weeks ago all the idiots were believing her lies about him and Gabby but people just took this crazy heifer for her word always ready to believe the worst. Thatts what happens when you try to use your kids. Look for the same thing down the road for Swizz and Alicia because that Mashonda chick is selling you all a bunch of crap also, and she definitely acts like one of those women that would use the kid. Ugghhhhh!!

  • Yun Dun Know


    No, its not. I’ve seen this picture on TONS of other gossip/blog sites. Stop stealing pictures!!

    Now that that’s out the way…..she sounds like the typical ghetto “bitter” female who wont allow the man to see his kids simply because their union went sour.

    I feel like she about to be a problem in Wade’s life for a LONG time coming.

    Good luck to ya D-Wade!

  • girl boo

    @ megan
    Yup you’re right


    Good for the KIDS…mama’s coo coo for cocoa puffs right now. I hope she gets it together, cause those boys still need their mom

  • Love

    I feel for her because he probably did her so dirty that she went nuts and became a radical religious Christian like he claims. Bad relationships can turn anyone crazy. But she needs to pull herself together. Her boys are probably the most important thing left in her life. And I honestly don’t think he’s in a position to have them full time considering his busy schedule as an athlete.

  • Anonymous

    She left him right after she gave birth to their second son which means she probably suffered from some sort of mental trauma as a result of their messed up marriage…or him cheating, etc. I don’t want to blame him because I don’t know the full story, but there’s a reason she’s not well and pulling on these stunts. He needs to own up to his end of things and stop making her seem like a bitter person.

  • 5th ave.

    That’s what she gets. Women who use their children to get back at their fathers are pathetic! I could careless if my child’s father left me for another woman as long as he’s a good father to his child I would never stand in the way of them having a relationship.

  • Matix B

    A judge made the decision so this arrangement must be best for the children. That is all that matters.

  • LuvN_Life

    And she’ll be sending just them she’s so psychotic that she’s probally gonna say JUST BUY THEM MORE SHOES AND CLOTHES

  • http://girlsbestfriendandco.wordpress.com girlsbestfriendandco

    @BKCHICK Girl you are on point. But you have to recognize where those women came from. It wasn’t about the money for these women. They where there from the beginning. Swizz and Wade in my opinion are making big mistakes. While they believe to be only hurting their Ex wife they are doing irreversible damaged to their boys. I am more sad for the boys than I am for the moms. What do these men believe that they are saying or teaching their sons. I am truly truly sad. To the moms raise your sons to be husbands. Please? We have a shortage of good husbands. We have to raise our sons to be true devoted husbands.

  • Lisa

    @ that damn sh#$ disturber, YES IT WILL! Although I am still on Siohvaughn’s side, I was hoping that he would get temp. custody so that he can see for himself how raising kids alone will be and if his precious Gabby is ready to deal with it. Most people who don’t have kids are self-centered and have issues with sharing their mate with a bunch of kids.

  • livinginamericakkk

    Pleaze stop the madness. I agree with Anonymous. How would you men feel if your woman left you to Shaq or Denzel. Not that Gabby is much prettier but she has status. Dwade and wifey were together before his fame. It is alright for a white woman to drown her children because of post-baby issuse, just because she is dark skinned, she is crazy because she is obviously hurt and wanted to hold on to her family.Those attorneys just saw $$$. God Bless her and give her to strenght to let go and move on. Get off D’Wade and Gabby’s tip. We will see how far him and GAbby go now they have the boys. Stop with the disrespect!

  • bishop

    Stop hating on Dwade, you just a bitter beyotch!! The important thing is that the court found that in the best interest and welfare of the kids, they should be with the father.

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