Swirl on the Beach

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Resident cornball deluxe Byron Allen and his pasty-cake wife Jennifer Lucas were photographed on the beach with their newborn baby in a little carrier pouch sac.  SMH.

Images via Splash

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  • Diamond

    They look cute !!

  • arasiam

    Nice to see ole Byron doing this thing. He’s got to be like 60 or something, no? Anyway, more power to you both and congrats on your new bundle!

  • http://itscrazee.blogspot.com/ DinaLee

    Who is he?


    Why Byron? This pic just says so much about the state of our black males mindsets.

  • beauty on lock

    congrats to byron and family. i think he and his wife look alike, same features. cute fam. wish them the best with their new addition. peace.

  • sepia830

    That’s Byron? Hell, I thought it was John Singleton.

  • I'm Just Me- 25 OFFICIALLY!! BTW: I keep the purp by the pound!!

    Who is this???

  • Nita

    how is a man caring for his baby something to shake your head at? that ain’t right. that’s a GOOD thing, even if his wife is (gasp) a snowflake.

    byron’s always been byron.

  • http://www.healzoohealth.com HealZoo . com

    who had the baby? him or her?

    Naturally Lose 3 lbs per week.. Guaranteed…

  • keisha

    Byron ewwwwww always after them pale ones. Doubt if he has ever been with a sista

  • will someone in NY send me some butter crunch cookies? please & thank u

    congrats on the baby, it’s refreshing to see a family together.

  • Donna

    Congrats to the happy couple. America is becoming more like Brazil everyday with all the swirl couples.

  • smallbite

    Dr. Tooth I agree with you. This pic makes me want to pull his man card…. did you all give him one? He is a cornball and very much irrelevant in the overall scheme of things.

  • Candid Canuck

    not a good look for ya.. you know yur wipped when wifey tells you to rock the tacky green baby sleeve to emulate the womb…. Be a Man!

    shudda rocked the Bjorn brah…

  • Bennieman

    The majority of the people of Brasil are AfroBrazilian and they are the products of swirl couples. More power to people to marry whom they chose I like to see it. But Allen please put a shirt on that over hanging belly.

  • Bet

    Yeah, he looks like he was the one who was preggers.

  • intenzemocha

    I’m starting to think the only time a black man can be a father to his child and a good husband is if he’s married to a white woman……kudos to them I aint hatin it is what it is……

    I wonder who our black little girls will marry? or better yet will they marry at all?

    We better start preparing them for the harsh reality that awaits them when they become adults, the odds are against them to meet and marry a man that is black, educated, responsible, family-orientated and attracted to black women.

    The media is constantly barraged with images of interracial couples majority black men & their significant other from another race

    I’m noticing ads from family health plus with a black man, hispanic/white woman, and mixed baby

    disney and many other channels that feature male black actors sorrounded by white/hispanic young girls

    and much as we may try to dismiss my claims-you can’t dispute what I see, turn to disney and you will see several shows that prove my point

    I believe that it has become a phenomenon for black men to openly date outside their race-great kudos to them I would never want a man who isn’t interested in me-what’s the point?

    But again what will our young black girls think-when they view these images what place in society is there for them other than job opportunities & education, & wealth-are they not deserving and worthy of finding a husband to have children with and enjoy the benefits of a loving family? People shun single-parents but there are growing number of women who have chosen to get pregnant or adopt and raise children alone because they haven’t found their mr. right to marry-do we have to defer our dreams of having children because we haven’t gotten married yet? and better yet if statistics state that the odds of us getting married are 48% then one would have to accept the fact that they may not ever get married and make life choices based on that fact.

    “the black family” will soon be non-existant and I can’t help but think that black women have to really evaluate what’s happening to us and start planning our future without that significant other.

  • Aoki Lee

    Who cares about this dried up corn fry anyway? No sista would want him so let the ugly snow dog have him they both fug mugs anyway- they deserve each other!

  • Sushi Ma

    Ugh he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ugly so not my type anyway

  • Donna

    Black women all over the world are marrying men of different colors and cultures. So yes, there will be men for Black women to marry, especially women who don’t put themselves into a box and aren’t narrow minded enough not to consider different men.

  • Anna

    As a Black mother of three daughters I am preparing them to think and date outside any box that folks try to stick them into.

  • lala


    You wonder who your little black girl is going to marry? I would hope WHOMEVER SHE LOVES NO MATTER THE COLOR OF HIS SKIN.

    Seriously, you people cannot in one breath support Obama (which I do wholeheartedly) and than make these type of STEREOTYPICAL & RACIST COMMENTS…

    REMEMBER…if it wasn’t for Barack’s WHITE MOTHER…he would not be on this earth running as President of the United States.


  • lala

    And Aoki Lee I have only 4 words for you:


  • lala

    And how ironic is it that you are using Russell Simmons daughter’s name…WHO IS MIXED HERSELF.

    So you really must be uneducated, ignorant or just plain STUPID.

  • Truth

    Why do so many people on this site try to come off a so politically correct and be soooo holier that thou when others post comments, while at the same time racial injustice is probably going on in your face, while you type. The WHOLE world suffers from racial separation. Brazil my dear does separate by complexion and so does spanish culture, ever heard the term moreno/claro. Im not saying it is right, but what I am saying is stop acting so shocked b/c contrary to popular belief this is not a melting pot.

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