More Shots Fired: Ray-J & Lil Kim On Nicki Minaj “We Just Want Her To Pay Homage!”

- By Bossip Staff

Last night at her NY concert, Lil Kim was performing and was said to be ALL OVER Ray-J. Brandy’s little brother obviously has her back… because the little man-whore decided to call out Nicki Minaj with Kim backing him up.

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  • fashionista (real name Sum Dum Ho) is my no good daughter

    At least she a ho with PAY! My ho of a daughter turn tricks for free! Taking back check from johns – stupid little $h!t for brain!

  • fashionista (real name Sum Dum Ho) is my no good daughter

    Fashionista, you client check bounce! You pay rent NOW! Ay ya!

  • Nola bound

    Bout time she set her straight!

  • She said it.

    I don’t think Nik has to pay homage. I mean really…Lil Kim has been the only original chick in the game till Niki came along. All others, except Badu, have been cookie cutter no singing R&B chicks w/no talent. It’s not like Lil Kim has had any competition EVER. Hate to say it but black talent is not original at all. Not in fashion, not in lyrics, not in style–nothing. Everyone follows everyone and no progress ever appears.

  • reena

    @She said it; Hun do a little research on Black Music entertainers and you will see that they are originators in this music game and has had a lot has been stolen from their musical careers. Just saying do some research before you make a statement like that.

  • lt

    NICKI WHO? WHEN I WAS A LIL GIRL I WANTED TO BE KIM(with my bestfriend we use to mimik kim”! IM 24 NOW AND I STILL WITH Q BEE!


  • She said it.

    @ Reena..

    I knew I was going to get that response. I mean prior to the 90s. I grew up on Roberta Flack, Patti LaBelle, Mtume, Gap Band, Joe Tex, (now you do your homework on Joe Tex and come back and tell me about history) so I can honestly say all this other stuff you yougin’s are reeking out just stinks to high heaven. I mean really?

  • TheMan

    i feel where Kim is coming from, but she never really paid any homage to Salt n Pepa, when she just took what they did and made it nastier

  • She said it.

    I love Lil Kim. She took her gold nugget and made a brand out of her name. She did the plastic surgery when other black artist wouldn’t touch it. She is just a pioneer on so many levels.

  • Tramaine Burden

    @TheMan I would like for you to Know Lil Kim always pay Homage to Salt & Pepper, not trying to battle you but she does. i.e. Her Mixtape, Interviews and so on.

  • reena

    @ She said it, I’m not a youngin and I know my history. I’m not just talking about the 90’s I’m talking about further than that. I listen to all great music I am truly a fan of it, but the statement that you made was false and for that reason I thought you should do some research on music if you are going to make a statement like that.
    And @IT you right on the money with your statement…. always loved KIM

  • NavyLady

    I think Lil Kim should retire and be flattered that someone looks up to her. Her time has come and gone.

  • She said it.

    so ?’s ur beef w/ my statement—that I hate todays artist and that they show no originality?

  • Mation

    Yeah, lil Kim and Ray J need to go away. Whether you like Minaj or not, she is on fire right now. Who do you know that is at home waiting for that new Ray J or Lil Kim? No one.

  • reena

    You made a statement that was false Doll and I felt you needed to do some research if your gonna make a statement like that and this is what you said just in case you forgot “Hate to say it but black talent is not original at all”, but anyway hun you have a great day 😉

  • SWord

    Nik is NOT a younger Kim. Nikki cannot touch little Kim lyrically….I mean if yall want to count the wigs and stuff……FINE…maybe that is how she is her but NO COMPETITION. Maybe to my little 8 y/o niece Nik wins…but her rap game is TRASH. Yeah I said it….lol.

  • She said it.

    no. the statement is accurate. I’m sure your gone by now but name one artist that is original. I’ll give you Janelle Monae, or ever TV on the Radio, or even Estelle. Who needs to do deep interpretive analysis with the bullchit that is out. And yes…hate to say it but TODAYS black talent is not original AT ALL.

  • White Women Rule

    The lot of you can’t really be serious? If you knew anything about music you’d know that long before Kim, there was Millie Jackson. So dear Kin is not the originator of raunch by a long shot. Also, is this really worth talking about? This young man is still known as Brandy’s little brother or Kim Kardashian’s oractice partner. Really, isn’t Kim a little too old for this?

  • SWord

    @ She said it. Dwele, Raheem Devaughn, Eric Roberson….ORGINAL. There IS original artists, but they don’t get the spot light like bs that is on the radio.

  • SWord

    For that matter, even soldier boy could be considered orginial – I dont recall anyone doing the type of stuff he does before. There is quite a few original artists.

  • Nicki

    Nothing like a washed up psycho and a no-name dude who deserves no respect talking about homage. They need to sit down and shut up. Lil Kim you have a problem with every female in the game–you are the one with the problem.

  • tankreeper

    @ she said it. um baby doll please hush. no original talent…..ok so what do u call say jill scott, maxwell, eryka badu, immortal technique, outkast, ugk, lil wayne, chrisette michele, hell too short…i could go on and on . and please dont tell me who u like and dont like cos the fact is all of these artist are original. do ur research

  • Essence

    Nicki Minaj Did What Kim Did But Mad It Hotter…Nicki Owes Kim nothing, although nicki always says how she loves kim and how shes one of the hottest female rappers…Kim Is Bitter becuase she hasnt had a hit in how long??? But she is smart for dissing nicki….



  • Lisa

    Ummm Kim…Nicki pays homage all the time to you. The wigs, the barbie look. At this point just do YOU, otherwise you’ll come across as bitter.

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