What’s Wrong With This Picture???

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is a picture of Ice-T’s classy wife Coco posing on the beach. Something is just not right about this one, we can’t quite figure it out. Maybe you can tell us: What’s wrong with this picture??

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  • JorgeOoOoOo

    Whats wrong is there is only one pic…how about multiple angles next time.

  • Ghanian Soldier

    nothing is wrong

  • daughtercreole

    ass implants it seems and extreme tanning

    this b*t*h is going to be ugly as hell as she gets older

  • Nita

    her ass is fake but she makes up for it by being extremely flexible. the woman is in shape legitimately. too bad she’s plastic.

  • Pride

    “Fake”…..Alexander Oneal

    She got that cave stank swag! 😉

  • Didi

    Lol@I’m just me!!!!!

  • Lou in the Chi

    if that is what butt implant will do for you then I’m definitely investing in me a pair.

  • Ghanaian General

    cant tell.wud love to tap that ass though !!

  • will someone in NY send me some butter crunch cookies? please & thank u

    Something is going wrong in the head area, looks like someone snatched her wig off and threw it back on top of her head. Other than that if it is Coco she is just being her everyday self, nothing surprising about that.

  • jonjon23

    Don’t hate. You don’t see too many white women that thick–Damn! She is superfine….

  • Ms. Toson

    The only thing that is wrong is what is actually right..she doesn’t have Ice-T in the picture.

  • bay girl

    her implants (i’m talking both titty and ass)are not willing to cooperate (none look natural), oh yeah and she also looks jaundiced

  • soulja slim

    Girls weave is messed up

  • mars

    i think there is nothing wrong with her .but i think she is so beautiful and sexual .i have seen many hot and beautiful on bigbisexual.com that’s great .u will like it ,i think!

  • Doagae

    this pic looks photo shopped…..

  • LdyK

    She’s attention deprved and will stop at nothing to get what little press she can.She refuses to act like a woman. She has low self-esteem. Man I am glad she’s white, to show how they REALLY act.

  • DDub

    Ms. Toson

    The only thing that is wrong is what is actually right..she doesn’t have Ice-T in the picture.


    I agree with you

  • http://deleted lula

    nice spot for practicing yoga!

  • Private Dancer

    It’s Nasty!!!!!!!!!!!

  • christina

    I think its a nice pic. What’s the problem? Her body has taken her and Ice a long way so if she wants to enhance it through surgery and tanning so what! She’s doing what she is supposed to do. Stop hating already damn!

  • elaine

    I meant why do Blacks visit or support this site?

  • http://nobelmentor.blogspot.com/ BIN WA THE COUNSELOR google me @ Ask BIN WA

    Whats wrong other than those two christmas hams are smothering that thong?……..nothing

  • Divab

    Whats going on with her weave? Wig? LOL. Did a track get pulled!?

  • jena4rmthablock

    Ice-T is not in the back humping her?!

  • flawda

    What’s wrong with it, my third leg isn’t giving her support. lol

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