Rosa Acosta… Afternoon Cake Break

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  • lilbabiphat2004

    i didnt know she was short as hell

  • khr

    I dont know anything about her, but she has a very nice body.

  • Gina

    She looked better with the short hair, she should get rid of that dreadful wig. She looks hot, but you seen one you seen them all. It would be nice to see these ladies do something that had some substance to it.

  • lala

    Her doing those splits in the very last picture, that looks really difficult. Anyway I think she’s a pretty girl and has a beautiful shape, but like one poster mentioned I wish these girls would do something of substance. Be beautiful AND smart, go to school or something, you don’t want to be 40 years old still doing these cliche poses. SMH To each his own.

  • beautyisme

    I seen her at this club called industry in LA she’s ok very short nice shape she looks better in photos and the wig is worse in person I liked her short hair but long hair sells

  • prissytype

    but the picture where she is doing the splits on those podiums is crazy. that one is hot

  • http://() tmf

    Well, I guess the hair is no longer and issue. Bills must be paid.

  • MiszRachel

    Does anybody else think that (with that wig on) she looks like Chi Chi Rodriguez played by John Leguizamo in “Too Wong Foo, Thanks for Nothing”? Look it up. Spitting image I tell ya.

  • no problem

    She is a beautiful lady. I’m such a fan. No homo, but she is fine n in great shape. I got a nice shape of my own but she make up want to hit the gym real hard.

  • MissCandyce

    I’m far from gay…But this is whats up

  • Money First

    YEAH!!! I would have lots of fun with her! A whole lot!!!!!!


    @Hannibal im sure ur momz will be the first…lmao.

  • Eddy

    Too many implants on this broad!

  • It's Me

    I need a new laptop, as my keys are stuck and I am so tired…

  • http://myhom abdull

    اضيفوني بسررررررررررررررررعه قبل الانفجار

  • Im Jus Saying

    All because she was flexible and could do a split on in America only in America!

  • Jay the Real One

    Rosa the sssh

  • daquan

    i will smash that make her feel good ahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa

  • http://6666 abdullah

    Iam abdullah here….?

  • yvonne127

    I can’t hate…It ain’t trick’n if you got it!

    Stay beautiful “” silk pillowcases, scarves, du rags & more…

  • http://jobs LeENUnY

    she aiight

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