Selita Ebanks Has A New Man???

- By Bossip Staff

Selita Ebanks, who used to be engaged to Nick Cannon and dated NFL baller Osi Umenyiora, allegedly has a new man in her life.

Pop it to find out who it is…

There’s a reason Selita Ebanks wasn’t giving out her number at last week’s Mets-Phillies game: The Victoria’s Secret beauty is secretly seeing Philadelphia first baseman Ryan Howard. Ebanks was spotted in the crowd sitting near the dugout as the Mets won. A source told us, “Selita wanted to keep it quiet, but she met up with Ryan after the game.” We reported how fans trying to get Ebanks’ number were sweetly refused. Clearly, she had her eye on someone on the field. Reps for Ebanks and the Phillies declined to comment.

Hmmmm. That’s interesting, last time we checked, Ryan Howard was swirling with some little white broad.


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  • Alisha

    He looks like KRS-1.

  • ItIZI

    who cares

  • Chamez

    She can do better

  • RazeKane

    She got goldiggier game fo’real, first low baller nick cannon then middle baller osi now ryan howard the grand baller of them all-yeah baby, shake that $$$$ money maker.

  • baytownbeauty

    Not very attractive.

  • loverssd

    I strongly recommend ______ B l a c k W h i t e D a t e * C o m ______ to you where I just found my interracial boyfriend! You know it is a great place to meet black men and beautiful women. What’s kind of relationship do you want?

  • 1987

    He has a funny shaped nose, fxcks up his whole face.

  • Peter

    The guy isn’t a bad looking dude and has money. I don’t get why you black women would think that he is not marriage material. Ghetto black women and their high standards. You wonder why so many of you are single, its because of these issues. You cry about no good men but throw away the ones who are good guys.

    Must be the new generation of black women, way to materialistic about everything. I guess this is why black men go else where,

  • TRUTH IS....

    I think she is underrated…thats how black models should look….smh

  • no problem

    He is totally ugly! I’m sorry but I am not one bit attracted to dark guys at all but its not just his skin color its just that he is plain ugly.

  • no problem

    Umm not all blacks live in the hood. I’m of mixed race but still consider myself black and I’m married educated own my own company plus I never stepped foot in the ghetto. I’m happy n out going and I’m not with the black ghetto girl attitude or behavior so just so you know there are a few of us who have our lives together.

  • chaka1

    She is so funny looking to me, but I seriously don’t know what I’m talking about cause she is ROCKIN Victoria Secrets and I am not…

  • no problem

    Oh yeah peter black women are dating other races too because of black men lack of education lack of a job and ghetto mentality along with their 2 or 3 illegitimate kids. I know cuz I married a Spanish man bcuz he had all the qualities that I didn’t find in lazy ghetto black dudes wit ten kids and seven baby mamas, and I’m not saying all black men are like that but enuf of them are.

  • no problem

    The same comment to you black republican. It’s getting to the point that you black men are too ghetto for black women and now we are married to other races. Myself plus my sisters n brothers have married other races my brother married a white lady my sisters are married to white men n I’m married to a Spanish man cuz its too hard to find a quality mate in the black community. It’s an epidemic n sad but its real. I don’t want my kids growing up to be thugs or hoodrats so I’ve made sure that I’m not in that type of situation. I would have married a black man but it was too hard to find one without kids or baggage.

  • rain


  • it is what it is .....

    LOL, The same sistas calling this brotha ugly will cut a nikas throat if he says Gabby isn’t attractive because to say a particular black woman isn’t attractive means you’re slandering all black women….go figure.

  • funbee

    To:no problem:

    Spanish is not a race but a Nationality Just like being an American is not a race.
    Spain is a country located in Europe just like Italy,France,etc….

    You can’t referred to everyone who speak Spanish as Spanish
    If that’s the case we can start calling Americans English/British for speaking English.

    If you husband is not from Spain well therefore he’s not Spanish.If he go to Spain he wouldn’t be considered Spanish either.

    I don’t understand why Americans don’t know the difference between Nationality/race/ethnicity.

  • no problem

    Umm yeah funbee I’m aware of that my husband is elsalvadorian but a lot of ppl just use Spanish as a whole because of the adoption of the language by Mexican Gautamalins Cuban an elsalvadorians instead of trying to differentiate between the races. So stop trying so hard to find an issue with what I said cuz I’m well aware of these facts more so than you and I understand why they call themselves spanish. I speak Spanish n I’m not a spainard. Smh you failed honey. Find sum1 else to bother about their comments.

  • no problem

    Oh yeah dumbazz my husband even says Spanish ppl. I think he knows a lot more about it then you or me. Stop trying to correct me when its no need to this is a gossip site I’m not doing an essay on nationality I graduated from college years ago professor. Go try to teach sum1 else.


    Get it RYNO! Nice catch.

  • Smittyt

    OH great a celebrity WH*RE!!!

  • no problem

    Sorry honey but nobody on this site days attention to your crazy loser azz. Your a big joke on this site. I’m not going argue with a mentally ill person cuz u clearly have an issue. Bye bye nut job.

  • real black is chocolate

    @no problem

    your husband is latino cracker or just mixed/light-skinned boy that speak Spanish, not just f’ckin spanish man!

  • no problem

    Just like I said realchocolate is retarded.

  • Me

    BM always try to say they go elsewhere but they screw up with WW too…just ask Tilki bareber, tiger woods or Mike strahan’s ex’s!
    BM are just no good and a waste of any woman’s time! Give me a handsome White or Latino guy anyday!

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