Pardison Fontaine Disses Megan Thee Stallion In New Track

Pardi Foul: Pardison Fontaine Drops Diss Track Slamming Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Soul’, Says She Had Surgery, Suggests She Cheated

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It’s been two weeks since Megan Thee Stallion dropped her new track “Cobra” seemingly calling out her ex Pardison Fontaine for cheating and now the alleged serpent is striking back.

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On Friday, Pardi released a single titled “Thee Person” and called out his ex who’s a “beautiful girl but her soul is disgusting” for “dragging his name” and bashing him to gain attention.

“After watching people drag your name, and talk about you in unfavorable ways in order to get attention, uh, clicks I never thought you would do something like that to me.”

Elsewhere in the diss track, Pardi alleged that the rapper underwent liposuction and pretended to exercise to fool fans. He also said that he was planning to propose to the rapper before finding out her “lies” including one she told during her interview with Gayle King. As previously reported Megan admitted during Tory Lanez’s trial that she lied to the journalist about being intimate with the rapper because she was ashamed.

“This the girl that I’m trying to propose to. Ask Greg Una, I had picked out a ring then you lied to my face. Went on TV and then lied to Gayle King, I found out with the rest of the world. God, I treated you like a queen, whole time I’m a clown in your circus.

“You know the devil was a serpent. For some streams and views girl I hope it was worth it, this ain’t for Megan Thee Stallion, this is for Megan Thee Person.”

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In the song, he also alleges that she lied to him about “n***s she was f***g” and hinted that she was unfaithful while on a trip out of town.


“The way that you painting this picture’s a shame. How many times did I catch you texting them n***as? You did you first I just did me bigger.”

“You flew out the country ain’t called for days in my mind we had parted ways. You was back moving awful stranger in an effort to fix it I took all the blame like I always do. Apologize for s*** that I know I ain’t do.”

Some fans have taken to the comments section of Pardi’s video to applaud him for his lyrics and delivery. Others however are team Stallion and think Pardi’s being “corny” for calling out his ex.

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As we previously reported, on “Cobra” Megan alleged she walked in on a man cheating on her in her bed with someone else.

“Pulled up, caught him cheatin’, gettin’ his d**k sucked in the same spot I’m sleepin’,” she rapped.

No names were ever mentioned in the song but naturally, Megan’s fans believed the track was about Pardi, and bashed him and his new boo Jada Kingdom.

Kingston eventually broke her silence and took to her Instagram story to address the rumors with some shade towards the Hotties and “their President” Megan Thee Stallion.

“I know it’s gonna drive y’all crazy not to have someone specific to terrorize for y’all president but it wasn’t me.”

She continued,

“Don’t insert me in sh*t that got NOTHING to do with me, How did the math equal ME?! Plus dat sh*t dumb as f*ck!”

In Pardi’s new track, he also addressed the cheating allegations and denied cheating in Megan’s bed–as though that makes things better.

“Not in your house, not in your bed, you lying to people, you sick in the head.”

Listen to Pardi’s “Thee Person” below.


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