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Ciara, Jazze Pha, Tracy McGrady, and Lyfe Jennings hit up 300 in ATL to kick it for Ludacris’ Luda Weekend. Ci Ci and her grown up goodies are looking pretty good these days…

Images via FreddyO

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  • Da R

    oh God, she done went blonde again? i guess she didn’t learn from all the beyonce comparisons before. that’s why she’s not as big as she could have been. SMH.

  • Dame

    Ciara I am a huge fan of her but I miss her Goodies look when she looked healthier. That is still my girl one hundred grand

  • I'm Just Me- 25 OFFICIALLY!! BTW: I keep the purp by the pound!!

    I liked Ci-Ci with the darker hair. But she is still y girl. Seriously, why is Gabby everywhere. Lyfe can so get it.

  • Bourbon

    Cute look CiCi

  • Smilebme

    Ciara looks nice, i’m loving the color and different look. Gabby looks nice..

    Wonder who won the game.

  • d-mac

    Ciara looks pretty in the pics although i like her better with dark hair…she also isn’t wearing a bra & her boobs look good in that shirt & she looks reeeeaaally short!!!

  • Kmia

    ciara lookin’ yummy

  • woe

    is it me or has cici been under the knife? I’ve seen her in tanks not that quite filled out before. I hope that if she does have implants and there is nothing wrong with that decision but I pray they’re not the cause of her looking sickly due to complications of any kind.

  • Ri

    She does have implants

  • p1tey1

    I don’t know……Ciara looks like she’s had some “work” done. I ain’t mad at her tho. Everybody else does it.

  • p1tey1

    When I say “work” I mean her breasts AND her face.

  • Real Black dude

    I love you Cici!

  • Ro Ro

    Ciara is definately a cutie and would definately get it if I knew for sure she swung that way !!! LOL

    But seriously…she looks good. Gabrielle (my suppossed twin) looks like she just bumb rushed her way into that pic with Ciara. ha ha ha

    Ciara look like she saying “Well Damn..OK” LMFAO

  • Dee

    Yeah, CiCi’s tatas certainly didn’t look like that in the Goodies video.

  • mememe

    Did she get a boob job?

  • Soulwoman

    Ciara looks cute and appropriate for a bowling event, unlike other celebs that do too much at such casual events. For once, she isn’t towering over everybody. I like the blonde hair; the black makes her look old. How many times is the question about her having implants going to come up? Every picture it’s the same song.

    Gabrielle looks nice too.

  • E

    Damn, Gabby is flat as a pancake. I guess big ups to her for keeping it real.

  • Truthfully so

    I think CiCi mighta snuck and went and got her some Chichi’s.

  • I'M #1,2,3,4 &5(sxyQblondie enjoyed this weekend)


  • simply1

    Ci looks pretty as always. Gabby is cute too but why she has to be at everyones party. Oh thats right, she is still single, that will explains it. Now I

  • yep

    Ciara is lookin’good as hell!!!

  • dreamn

    HOT. i just found this girl on a celebclub’S e ar ch ing M illionaire.c o m’.

  • kettles

    ciara looking pretty love the hair color gabby’s gums are showing nxt time dont smile too much

  • Ara

    Go Cici go Cici Cici go!!!

  • Ara

    lol Oops, one too many Cici’s

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