Millbury, Ohio Heavy Storm Leaves 5 Killed… End Of Days??

- By Bossip Staff

In Millbury, Ohio a huge storm just swept through killing 5 people and destroying almost everything:

A tornado has killed at least five people in Ohio after touching down in Wood County overnight.

Among the dead is a 4-year-old child in Millbury, Ohio, as well as a man who was found dead in the street there, CNN reports. Two adults in a van were also killed in Lake Township.

The deaths were caused by a severe storm system that also injured at least 11 people in Michigan, where storms also shut down a nuclear power plant, according to CNN. The storm also ripped through Illinois and other parts of the Midwest.

Tornadoes have already killed several people across the country this year. This past spring, tornadoes tore through Mississippi and Louisiana, killing at least 10 people.

These natural disasters are becoming more frequent. Sink holes, floods, earthquakes…


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  • blaze

    shouldnt that say “leaves 5 dead”

  • SheLovesGod

    Just more proof that my Jesus is coming soon! JESUS SAVES! Get ready, everybody because He’s coming like a thief in the night! Accept Him as your Lord and Savior!

  • suger

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  • Men's Online Magazine

    Ohio just can’t get a break in regards to bad news

  • jake

    what does this have to do with some “end of days” crap? smh

  • NavyLady

    Damn, that’s home right there. I hope everything gets better and not worst. God Bless my home, while I’m away. This is crazy, and eveybody else want to joke about it.

  • Shemander

    Sad to hear abt the loss of lives but that’s been going on for the longest especially here in the South and Midwest. I see you turds don’t have anything better to talk abt!

  • stopit

    Its the end of THEIR days. If you Live in a trailer on flat place in the midwest, Get life and property insurance asap. Most of these disasters could have been avoided, there are some places that it is just not safe for us to live. We have also cut down all the trees for development and farming so floods and tornados are going to get worse.

  • ugh I hate bible thumpers!!!

    Can you people please shut the fuk up with all of this ” JESUS IS COMING ACCEPT HIM AS YOUR SAVIOR” bullshyt rhetoric.

    No one knows when the world will end, and lastly “jesus” was not even his actual name. You simple minded neg.ros are hilarious.

  • miss infamous

    That is sad but this kind of thing has happened before and will happen again! You cant stop mother nature so shut up with this end of days crap!

  • a child of God!

    well whatever you know his name to be and all the natural disasters that you know happens and all that is apart of life, know please that he is real and he is on his way back!! please people God is real!

  • Former Journalist

    As a former journalist, I’m appalled at the lack of taste and objectivity in the headline.

    Perhaps someone was trying to mention “end of days”. That shows religion bias. Also it’s better to say 5 DEAD instead of 5 KILLED. And since when a HEAVY STORM is called that way instead of THUNDERSTORM??

    If I was Copy Editor, I would rewrite the headline “Milbury Ohio Tornado Leaves 5 Dead”.

    I see the same person that wrote the heading also wrote the story copy. The story was poorly written and shows a lot of religious bias again (see paragraph six). To introduce other topics in a major story is a big NO-NO in journalism. By the time I got to the sixth paragraph I knew where this story was heading.

    Sorry I’m filing this cra&&y story in my hamster cage to use for stuffing.

  • amc

    All I have to say is it’s tragic, i have been through tornadoes and they are horrific. the end of days, yes it’s coming, read Revelations, read Isaiah, read Matthew , Mark, Luke, and John. Yeah yeah this Prediction has been going on for years, The Bible has been proven to be true, not just by us “Bilble Thumpers”, but by science. i’d rather be thumpin my Bible all the way to heaven, then be left here in turmoil after Christ comes for us believers, Your best bet to accept Christ as your Savior and King, and start thumping your Bible to Heaven!

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