Chris Brown Conviction Costs Him UK Tour, Breezy Forced To Cancel Concerts After Brits Deny His Visa!

- By Bossip Staff

Chris Brown has been DENIED!!! The singer could not get a visa to enter the United Kingdom this week, forcing him to cancel three show dates that were scheduled to start tomorrow. Breezy’s visa was denied due to last year’s criminal conviction following his assault on Rihanna. More details when you

While Breezy’s community service efforts may have satisfied the California judge who sentenced him for the grizzly beatdown on Rihanna — British authorities don’t want the little convict on their shores, so they have denied Brown a work visa to enter the country.

According to the BBC, British authorities rejected Brown’s visa because he was guilty of a “serious criminal offense.”

In a statement, the Britain’s Home Office said:

“We reserve the right to refuse entry to the UK to anyone guilty of a serious criminal offence. Public safety is one of our primary concerns…each application to enter the UK is considered on its individual merits.”

Breezy was scheduled to give three shows in England, beginning on Wednesday night in Glasgow. Other dates included London and Manchester as well as a concert in the Irish Republic at Cork.

The tour promoters behind the shows, SJM, confirmed the concerts have been postponed “due to unforseen circumstances.” Concert-goers have been advised to hold onto their tickets since there may be “possible re-arranged dates”.

Chrissy-poo played his usual game of “Tweet Then Delete” with the news, posting the bad news on his Twitter before taking the tweets down.

Aw Poor Thang! Tough titties Chrissy-poo. Better luck next time.

Before the Breezy stans get all up in arms about how unfair this is — keep in mind he’s not the first entertainer to be rejected. Snoop was denied a visa to enter the UK in 2007 following an April 2006 incident he had at Heathrow Airport. The decision to reject his visa was overturned in 2008, but the UK Border Agency continues to fight the decision even after an Asylum and Immigration Tribunal ruled in Snoop’s favor this March.

UK immigration doesn’t play, but the US doesn’t either — Amy Winehouse and M.I.A. are among artists who have been denied work visas to enter the U.S. in the past.

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  • Martinigal

    I am starting to feel sorry for Breezy. Even though he has no one to blame but himself for his career down fall.

    He need a damage control team, and better management to revived his career. Or better yet, it’s time for Chris to enroll in community college, his career is a RAP. Poor child.

  • http://deleted white male

    I still don’t see how someone could whoop a chick like that.

  • Melanie

    @Furious styles
    I have never seen a more racist, self hating individual such as you.
    You constantly talk down to his black fans ignoring the fact that he has a racial diverse fanbase. You also go on about how Chris is forcing himself on the public and how hes not redeemed himself in “your” eyes as if you were ever a fan of his.

    Your racist rants have gone on for a while now. I question why you even go on black blogs if you hate African Americans so much and have such disdain for chris brown.

    Tour has been postponed as far as iv’e heard but that can change if his visa isn’t accepted.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    poor little dookey! since when is UK so “tough” on granting access into their country when some of the top terrorist “cells” reside in London, etc…

  • drock

    Chris is obviously being blackballed. People have done much worse and are allowed to thrive.

  • zoriansmom

    I’m not shocked Snoop Dogg was also denied entry into the country over I think it was one of his entourage got into a scuffle with security at a airport and Snoop took the fall, others too I think at this point if your black your almost walking a tightrope if you make a misstep/mistake it could be over for you.

  • juliemango

    “FAIRLY” tough denial!!!

  • AKA


  • Ummm



    Chris will not be allowed in Europe because of his crimes.
    Chris Brown is a FELON.
    His Concert is Cancelled.
    It’s not Postponed.

    CB STANS need to WAKE up.

  • tiffany

    everybody hates chris…:(

  • It's Me

    Jigga man stopped all that. Jigga punk azz gotz mad power. He said he was going to ruin Chris life and he is keeping his word.

  • Here to Share Knowledge, Not argue with you

    Oh Well, life goes on….I mean this is the same place that would not let Amy Whinehouse out for the Grammy’s so she had to perform via satellite…not surprised…If it was Japan…I would be shocked but this is how the UK is….and we are talking about 3 dates…..I am sure he is all torn up about it…..

  • Melanie

    @Furious Styles
    I understand where you are coming from but at the same time this is racism. Chris brown is a black celeb being ostracized for a crime he commited and all his fans are called ghetto for still liking him. This is an inherently racist attitude.

    No one is calling charlie sheen all the names that chris is being called no one is calling sean penn a woman beater daily.

    Racism has to be the only reason left why people harbor such hate in their hearts for this boy.

  • sexy_roxy

    Find another blog site, like Perez, where you won’t feel compelled to hate on black people… Move on and stop bashing Chris, he is paying for his CRIMINALITIES!

  • Lol

    Furious styles…I think deep down ur obsessed with him. R u sandrarose on low? There’s no way n he!! that someone can have this much to say about a person. Has Rihanna been at ur home for Thanksgiving better yet sent u a Xmas Pls find something else to do with ur time. Cus ur truly pathetic.

  • shut the fu*ck up

    like was said yesterday furious styles has to stay at least 2500 ft from rhi rhi
    that’s the law
    bytch where u at
    cause you really are starting to get on my nerves
    why can’t we just zap her azz and she be gone


    LMAO @ “Rhianna, will you go somewhere and get some help…we all know it’t you….no one else is dumb enough to refer to themselves as “the Princess”….PULEASE….princess of bullshyt….so what color will you be dying your hair next? Purple????”
    ———————–CO-SIGN THAT! LOL

  • Kristina

    LMAO@ the last few comments. I told ya’ll Rihanna stans are low key demented. Anyways, Chris did the crime and unfortunately even though he did his community service, he’ll always be punished in other ways.

  • shut the fu*ck up

    chris has moved on bytch

    stop sweatin him

    he didn’t care bout you and matt

    man furious i mean rhi rhi

    don’t no one want you

    now go stick a mike in that and shift it

  • Who?Me?

    Honestly I think it’s fair. He has a felony offense and is being treated accordingly. People need to get that in their heads. The UK is known for being this way.

  • EmmyEnvy

    At we least we got to see Trey Songz a couple days back here in Holland! he;s the man!

  • shut the fu*ck up

    hope her azz gets beat again

    wait it is

    she don’t have chrissy


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