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Oprah’s love slave Stedman Graham, also known as Mr. Oprah Winfrey, has decided to speak up for the apple of his eye. In a recent interview with Stedman seems a little irritated that the residents of Chicago are not paying homeage to Oprah for all that she has done…

“I really don’t think they appreciate her. I don’t think they understand the value of who she is as a human being and what she’s done… I’m just saying from an insider’s point of view that I don’t think she gets her just due based on who she really is and what she’s done for the Chicagoland area. It’s home for her, and it’s just natural for people to kind of take her for granted — until you leave… A prophet has no honor in its own town.”

Oprah has done a lot for the city of Chicago but dayyumm Stedman… don’t get your panties in a bunch. Oprah gives back a lot but some would say that she doesn’t give back to the people that really need it the most. What do ya’ll think about it?




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