Soulja Boy Affiliate Lil B Gets Punched In The Face During Interview

- By Bossip Staff

Soulja Boy’s homey and The Pack member Lil B was sucker punched during an interview by someone who obviously wasn’t one of his supporters. Continue..

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  • sefe

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  • bradhsaw

    wow… homeboy need to learn how to bob and weave

  • drenk

    i do feel you


    That’s just not right. Why he gotta lump up ol’ boy like that? Feeding him them knuckle sandwiches when dude wasn’t even prepared. Got him walking around looking like he been kissing a hornet’s nest. You can see the last thing he needed was extra poundage on them liver lips.

    Truth be told Lil’ B should have rained down a sh!tstorm on ol’ boy at the scene. Not respond after the fact by posting a diatribe on YouTube. Star-jacking can kill a career, son. Shoulda handled that like a gladiator.



  • seriously?

    lol that’s what he gets for his blasphemous bullshit

  • LuvN_Life

    Wow he straighted drilled his a.s.s up!!!”
    but uuummh after listening to the first 4 secs of his response,i wanted to drill him up the same way…. umh you know” “you feel me”

  • ErycaK

    lmao.. These lil yougins always talkin’ ish.. smh..

  • TheTruth

    Thats the thug life for ya!! You will get an azz whuppin in a split second!!!

  • wtfever

    I dont like BS like this, punks. Fight straight up if you must fight.


    Did ol’ boy sound this slow before or after the punch?


    I love how the guy doing drugs in the background does not even stop.
    What idiots.

  • foreallydoe


  • sherockz


  • Kadadah

    In the infamous words of Smokey from Friday, “you got knocked the fk out.”

  • lets b real

    no rules in fighting, he got got lol.. if u stay ready u aint gotta get ready…

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