Prince Celebrates His 52nd Birthday With New Music And Covers Ebony Looking Prettier Than A Muthaf**ka!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Prince just celebrated his 52nd birthday and this dude just keeps getting prettier by the minute. He’s covering the upcoming issue of Ebony and also just released a new jawn called “Hot Summer”. It sounds like Prince is stuck in the times but then again, he has always lived in his own world…

Take a Listen… “Hot Summer”:

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  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    He looked sooooo different in his high school picture…LOL!

  • Here to Share Knowledge, Not argue with you

    Now, he is pretty….lol

  • Jay the Real One

    That’s Halle Berry

  • Kristina

    He still looks good! Although I’m not feeling that mustache but that’s okay lol. Can’t listen to the song on my cell phone 😦


    “You don’t have to be rich
    To be my girl
    You don’t have to be cool
    To rule my world
    Ain’t no particular sign I’m more compatible with
    I just want your extra time and your”


    Congrats, pretty boy!


    He was pretty, but he was a bada$$, talented muhfuucka!

  • chaka1




    If I gave you diamonds and pearls,
    Would be a happy boy or a girl?
    If I could I would give you the world.
    But, all I can do is just offer you my love.


  • LuvN_Life

    The symbol lOOks Spectacular for 52

  • europe21

    PHOTOSHOP. he doesnt look that why i saw him up close he looks much older.

  • zoriansmom

    Loved his music but could never got that Prince cat he was too feminine with his hair makeup, high helled boots and booty out pants, we could chat about hair products and makeup though.

  • RazeKane

    This musical genius had soooo much influence back in the 80’s and 90’s that the mascara and eyeliner this kat use to wear (and still does I notice)had hetero males emulating the same HOMO look back then, but it was more acceptable then not now though. Lets see now: Ready for the world, morris day, Eddie murphy, full force etc all copied that HOMO look back then.

  • GottaSayIt

    I have seen Prince up close twice and he does not look older at all. Matter of fact he looks damn near identical to this picture. That man has not aged a bit and I have seen that for myself. Don’t hate because he has hellified genes.

  • She said it.

    I miss the Prince that used to hump the bed and get arrested during his performance. Much respect though…All hail to the Queen.

  • juliemango

    Hotcover, and its still rainin purple, I gotta get this issue of Ebony based on the headliner>>>>the power of independence!!!

  • Synthia

    Very beautiful. Boring song though… and he should shave his head because I need a little more butch….

  • simplyme

    Love me some Prince..Happy Born Day boo!! *KISS* 🙂

  • Synthia

    He has Scorpio Rising… look at those eyes.

  • tommykimon

    I think he’s part vampire, He never ages, He looks great for 52

  • John

    I liked Prince & the Revolution and still listen to the music… Happy B-day brother.

  • lt

    prince is a genius, a living legend. i use to love his music and his ballads are always on point. happy birthday and many more.

  • 2dimplzs

    He is lovely and divine……

  • tg


  • Curious1 aka P r o n e 2 Bossip Induced Hissy Fits/ Red Pill vs Blue Pill

    Didn’t he break a hip ???

    ….and yeah…he is ONE of the first “coming out the closet” of sorts but METROSEXUAL MEN in the old school game….to new school game ….still…

    He’s too short for me…though…I MUST be able to wear my heels and be able to look up to my man with effort…lol…(I know superficial ain’t I…lol…)

  • nyob

    Hail to the Artist FKA Prince!

  • Sha

    Say what u want, I love love love Prince! 🙂

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