Hey Kid This Bud’s For You!

- By Bossip Staff

Someone call AA for this tike pronto! A little kid attending a Phillies baseball game takes a swig of someone’s beer. Pop the hood to peep

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Hey grown-ups around this kid, could you please give this little dude a Juicy Juice and not a Heineken? Inquiring minds want to know if Lil’ Man went to the strip club afterwards for some real milk!

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  • BlackIce

    Only because he is a little white kid is why their reaction the way it is. if it was one of us, DHR will already be knocking on the door ready to take the child away!!

  • Melo

    Clear ppl are a mess.

  • Mizzleknows

    Smh… gotta love philly fan

  • Smittyt

    Now the only thing that little pale demon needs is a rebel flag.It’s funny how white folks always try to make excuses for their own kind.That could have been water in the bottle my AZZ.

  • Stangs

    Wow the most racist site I have ever seen. Don’t u have better things to do then sit around and feel sorry for yourself cuz your black? If anybody “clear” would have said black demon all hell would break loose. Keep the standard of racism universal

  • real black is chocolate

    so what this just white kid!!

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    “Inquiring minds want to know if Lil’ Man went to the strip club afterwards for some real milk!”

    Who those shyt? Man you guys FAIL.


    Let me say this– This is America and in America race IS and ALWAYS will be an issue!! So if some people think black people are being racist by making a comment on a web site I say let them think that way. Have you heard how members of the “TEA Party” talk??? I don’t want to get started so I’m gone!!!

  • that damn sh#$ disturber


  • Ms. D

    I know what he needs. A butt whooping. I’ll be the first in line to give him one.


    Marquis de Sade u better get your kid and take him to AA with you, and don’t act like white kids don’t drink cuz I’ve seen it with my own eyes with these fools I worked with here at a doctors office no less, one of the docs by the way is a Hepatologist hint, hint…

  • dayg715

    white people. SMH.

  • dayg715


    STFU. “clear” people are in NO position to accuse ANYBODY of racism, point blank.

  • tt

    LOL he probably has a 7 year old sister working in a tittay bar with their mom. you know how white trash gets down LOL

  • drenk

    hey the next generation of drooling mongoloid phil-billies is hard at work

  • SMH

    Someone had to have seen him besides the cameraman.

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