Man Molests 15-Yr Old Girl On City Bus: Have You Seen This Chester Looking Motherf*ckas Face?!?

- By Bossip Staff

This motherfu*ker here needs to be nabbed ASAP:

Orange County Sheriff’s deputies are searching for a man who they say molested a girl on a transit bus this weekend.

The incident happened on at 3 p.m. on Sunday when three girls boarded the bus…

… in Laguna Beach, according to Jim Amormino, spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. The girls, described as 15 years old and younger, took a seat in the back row of the bus.
The man, who is seen wearing beige pants, a white shirt and a white cap, sat down next to the girls. He began to touch one of the girls in a sexual manner, Amormino said. The girl, who says she was frozen and terrified, didn’t do anything at first.

The girl’s friend noticed what the man was doing and told him to stop, but he continued, Amormino said.

The man got out of the bus when it reached the Laguna Hills Shopping Center. One of the girls managed to take a cell phone picture of him. “We need to apprehend this sexual predator before he does it again,” Amormino said.
Authorities describe the man as in his 30s with dark brown, curly hair and weighing approximately 200 pounds. He is believed to be about 5 feet 10 inches tall.

Pray for an a*s kicking when he is caught, readers.


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  • LuvN_Life

    Shyyte is getting out of Control!

  • drenk

    arrest the kid toucher and castrate him

  • tommykimon

    That’s sad poor girl was so scared she didn’t say anything

  • zoriansmom

    That’s a good picture of him I think somebody will reckonize him turn him in.

  • Somali Ninga

    All child molester should be STONED!!!!!

  • zoriansmom

    She probably was shocked you never think something like that will happen to you.

  • zoriansmom

    Parents do talk to their kids about predators but when it actually happens your shocked. I was a Branch Manager of a bank in my previous employment and even though I was taught about how to handle a robbery when a bank robbery actually occured and a gun was put to my head I was shocked and horrified! The fact that this weirdo was bold enough to do this in a public place in front of a lot of people makes you wonder about his mental state he may be mentally ill.

  • zoriansmom

    I think the guy is mentally ill to do that on a public bus in front of people some public buses also have cameras was he trying to get caught?

  • Large

    forget him he will be caught, Pray for the Girl.


    you almost make it sound like it was the girls fault the creep touched her??!!! W T F. umm noooo. imagine how she must have felt. she’s a young girl and she was probably TERRIFIED & SHOCKED beyond belief. you have no idea what she’s been taught or hasnt been taught. your parenting methods are irrelevant to the conversation and the bottom line is that its not her fault and he needs to pay for the offense. i know you didnt say that, but your first comment heavily insinuated that.

  • lisa

    AN INTERRACIAL friends MECCA —- S e e k I n t e r r a c i a l * C o m —- WHERE LOVE IS COLOR BLIND

    AN INTERRACIAL friends MECCA —- S e e k I n t e r r a c i a l * C o m —- WHERE LOVE IS COLOR BLIND

  • cornell wilde

    laguna beach in orange county , ca. is a 99 percent white , republican community. why in the h.ell should black folks give a about the welfare of people’s children who hate us?

  • MistaO

    Another PERFECT example of why young girls should NOT go about unescorted.

    Not the girls fault, of course, but again this just exemplifies why in this society today, one would be wise to keep close tabs on their young girls and have them chaparoned even when shopping.

    Alot of folks will cringe at this suggestion, but prudent people seem to have no issue with making these types of provisions for their girl children and their friends. You can be with them and still give them their so desired “freedom” while keeping close steward over them…

  • sexymike

    Death penalty!

  • lilbabiphat2004


    I totally agree with you… daughter is 10 years old and i only let her play right in front of my house while i’m looking out the window, i dont let her up the street, around the corner, walk to the store, or play with any kids that are more than 2 years older than her. when she gets of this age i will still keep a very close eye on her. also i will tell about this story first thing in the morning before she gets to school.

  • Sha

    That poor girl…


    someone shoot or run this mother fkr over in their car if you see him

  • louis

    I bet they were not black. He would have been torn to pieces in my neighborhood

  • zoriansmom

    If that guy was in my old neighborhood the girls there are rough and tumble they would have jumped him beat him down then others would have joined in the jumping he would be beat to death! The only saving grace would be if he had a weapon.

  • We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    Dang, this is where I live. I’ll be on the look out!

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    castrate him and send him packin. why waste money on a judicial system that obviously doesn’t work. start cutting off body parts and put the fear of God in these creatures…


    Shyt kill this motherf***** but WTF poeple were doin’ anybody saw what he did and why the girls didn’t cry

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