Slim Thug Defends His “Black Women Bow Down” Comments

- By Bossip Staff
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Slim Thug called into the The Big Tigger Morning Show to speak on his “degrading black women” comments and really tries to explain himself…unsuccessfully.


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  • tg

    Any woman, black, white, purple, blue, yellow, etc. etc. etc. who gets with this fool is CRAZY. After reading his comments – I don’t think he has respect for ANY women of any color. He just appreciates that he can USE a white woman more than a black woman. But he has no respect for NO women. I bet his Mom is proud.

  • suger

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  • simplyme

    He is so yesterday!

  • resurrected

    This was kind of funny and I but I must admit that time quote in the media do get twisted and manipulated for the agenda of the company. I do kind of miss the simple days when information and communication was not so manipualted and filled with lies for personal agendas. You have to really know yourself in this day and time because so many ignorant message projected to make you lose a real connection with yourself, your beliefs and your personal feelings of your self-worth and valuing yourself… I believe that is why they call the media or see the media as a form of witch craft because it put your against yourself…

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    He sounds ignorant and I knew he’d have nothing intelligent to say by the time he mentioned “conversate”!! People it’s NOT a word. Anyhoo, I digress, he can try to clean up his statements, but while he doesn’t have to embrace being a role model, he needs to understand the influence he and his ilk have on young people. He has got to understand that he can’t be reckless with his mouth because somewhere someone is listening and just might be influenced by his dumbness. Now if he can’t grasp that concept, he really is an idiot!!

  • Albany4Life

    Well he tried to str8en it out but might have dug a deeper hole. I see what he mean about how interviewers and blogs twisting stories up but he had said so much that not hearing the first sentence or two doesnt make a big difference.

    He made a lot of valid points in his controversial statement but at the same time the generalization of any race of women equates to ignorance on the speaker’s behalf.

  • simplyme

    @Just sit i know thats right thankyou!

  • OH SHI T


  • late19832001

    I was listening to it this morning and i understand what Slim Thug is saying…. I dont understand why alot of females are mad at him for… I think alot of you females need to get out of yall feelings about this because he didnt say nothing bad at all…

  • ErycaK

    He must have thought about his album sales, mortgage, etc.

    I am so over him, he can’t clear up anything in my book. In my book he is now the equivilent of Tiger Woods without Tiger’s fortune. Played himself hard..

  • RazeKane

    Slim thug I’m with ya on some of your points, but if you don’t thoroughly explain yourself the first time then this is what hapeens – an all out attack by the black community (sistah’s mostly). Next time slim just S T F U.

  • tb

    Slim is a lame….Thugs don’t back pedal.

  • ErycaK

    What this Slim Jerk doesn’t understand is that a real woman loves and knows how to cater to her real man..He should recognize the difference from a chick that wants to pretend to dote over him for his temporary wealth as opposed to the woman that will love him and be proud to cook, clean and admire him with or without his fake bling. He’s a waste of flesh.

  • latoya

    will you go ahead and kill ur self already

  • http://deleted tessa

    I wuold gladly bow down to a black man who is a responsible, law abiding human being that loved me equally. But this homothug needs to sit his down somewhere because no self respecting black women would be caught dead with him. I’ll bet he is just mad because he knows he needs millions to pull a halfway decent woman because he is not a real man.

  • Man, I just don't care™

    Slimm, just say your chit was taken out of context and leave it at that. No need to elaborate any further.

    DON’T BACK DOWN THO. That’s the worse thing you can do.

  • Dont Think I Won't Hitch Yah--Cause I'm Famous, I believe in KARMA

    Any woman who gets upset by this ill-mannered species of a man, deserves to feel be-little.

    Excuse me Slim Thug — Your Mom is Black or Creole? pick one


  • Honeystar

    I just listened to the interview with Tigger and his cohost. And I feel like Slim Thug did a good job in explaining himself. I am still a fan! You can’t believe everything written.

  • Wisdom Speaking

    Here we go again…

    If you plan on making a comment on this post, and you happen to read this one before you do, think about what you’re going to write and if you really want to add to ongoing, everlasting debasement promoted by everyone involved.

  • Here to Share Knowledge, Not argue with you

    I stened to this on my way in to work this morning and all I could do was laugh….how can I be offended by this dude? Really? I had this guy leave me a voicemail the other day (after I had cursed him out about him being petty and silly and just an all around azzhole) and the first thing out of his mouth was, “You stupid trick”…..Again, all I could do was laugh at the brother…he gets mad if he is talking and I interject and say something…like mad mad, won’t speak, say shyt like, “are you done interrupting me? I was talking and I don’t appreciate it when you talk when I’m talking” And this man wonders why he is single….

  • Here to Share Knowledge, Not argue with you

    I *listened*

  • LaDiva

    **rolls eyes***
    whatever man. U must have needed some promotion for your lame azz career….

  • honey love

    guess his $tupid behind is feeling the heat of his ignorant comments. learn to think before you open your mouth. wish people would stop compare one race to another. WE ARE DIFFERENT FOR A REASON… if you have questions about one race ask God. He created us different for a reason. leave the uniqueness as that…UNIQUE!!!

  • zoriansmom

    Too late Slim Thug you started a fire that’s now spreaded out of control, you upset a large part of your fanbase, the males who like your comments may not invest money into buying your CD so how does it taste putting your foot in your mouth!

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