50 Cent Skinny Diet Not Safe, Doctors Say Too Much Too Soon Is Recipe For Disaster

- By Bossip Staff

50 Cent is sparking controversy after releasing those crackish pictures that showed his results after jumping on the fad diet bandwagon. Pop the hood to learn more about his and other crazy ass celebrity diets.

So it turns out 50 “I’m the Crypt keeper” Cent wasn’t on the Whitney Houston crack diet. Fiddy dishes he went from 214 pounds to 160 in two months using an all liquid diet and running on a treadmill for three hours a day. The rapper/actor/shooting practice target is slowly regaining the weight back and is almost 200 pounds now.

50 Cent’s ridiculous weight loss plan is just one example of the way celebrities use extreme diets. Beyonce makes no secret of her love for Popeye’s chicken, but when she needs to be a little less bootylicious she uses the Master Cleanse diet. To prepare for Dreamgirls Bey drank nothing but maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and water for two weeks, while Victoria Beckham, when she’s not being molested by Eddie Murphy’s baby mama, reportedly eats only strawberries and soybeans to keep her anorexic, little girlish figure in check.


Doctors warn against copying these methods, saying that not only do such diets wreak havoc on the body’s metabolism, they can also cause hormonal imbalances and negatively impact mental health:

“The danger in hearing about what celebrities do is that it’s not sustainable, it’s sending the wrong message,” said Zach Weston, an Exercise Physiologist and professor of Kinesiology at Wilfrid Laurier University. “Just because you can doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Sometimes we can get the superficial results, but we pay a price and unfortunately, the Hollywood approach is often not the practical one.”

What do you think, Random Ridiculousness or an express trip to Bangin’ Cakes?


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  • Aunt Viv

    Random ridiculousness, fo’ sho! 50 did it for a role, but that doesn’t make this OK to copy, by any means. Any one who does is naive and asking for disappointment.

    The formula is simple: eat right, drink lots of water, and exercise.

  • http://www.myspace.com/870bg Bg

    Dr. J could have told us this, of course its not good!

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    I’m sorry…but I laugh at this pic every time I see it!

    Looking like he got that monster! Still LMAO!


    An express trip to the morgue, more like it. Luther Vandross was notorious for doing these extreme diets. Obese one month, rail thin the next. Janet Jackson, same thing. Christian Bale, Robert DeNiro, Renee Zelwigger have all chunked up substantially or starved themselves for roles. I can understand respecting the craft but ultimately there is a health risk and possibly it’s at a high cost they may not be willing to pay.

  • cruzan trini

    6/10/10, 12:06:pm
    Dr. J could have told us this, of course its not good!
    LOL For real!

  • Here to Share Knowledge, Not argue with you

    This negro is a disaster…..just a joke…an irrelevant joke

  • dee

    If you read the interview 50 had a few weeks ago, he says himself that it was unhealthy and he didn’t have alot of time to lose the weight.

    Dude has so much money that he can hire special doctors to monitor his weight…..he’ll be fine.

  • http://www.myspace.com/870bg Bg

    Dude has so much money that he can hire special doctors to monitor his weight…..he’ll be fine.
    Wow. Micheal Jackson thought the same thing. When the Lord calls you home, money and doctors don’t matter.

    R.I.P MJ
    *not wishin death on 50*

  • 2dimplzs

    Here’s the thing: The world is full of crazy nuts who will literally jump in the ocean if you told them it would make them skinny. So the problem is you have celebs doing these extreme diets or starvations to get skinny and then you have their mentally unbalanced fans following after them because they feel their idol did it so they should too!

    There are a lot of people in the world who do not have common sense or reasoning abilities that would make them say “That’s a very dangerous and unhealthy way to lose weight. I’m not doing that.”

  • Jess

    Real talk Bg

  • Chinese Chicken Wings

    oh this site is fuc’d up

  • MsOfficer

    …soooo I’m NOT supposed to do everything 50 Cent does?

    Glad someone cleared that up for me.


  • I'm Just Me... Keeping it Real Since: 1983...EXPECTING

    Is it me or does he kind of look like Puff here?


    LOVE IT!

  • 6 Figgaz

    It’s obvious Fif perpetually holds 15-20 lbs of steroid-induced water weight anyway. All he had to do was jump off the juice, dump the carbs, guzzle protein shakes, jack up the cardio, and voila – down 40 pounds in a few weeks. It ain’t “healthy” but it ain’t a big f*ckin deal…

  • SoSmoove

    yea its not a big deal a lot cultures practice fasting for spirtiual means….I did a water fast for 15 days and lost 32 lbs..it cleared my mind and body…and my soul was happy…our bodies our really not design to eat meat like we do…if you are a believer in the bible adam and eve lived in garden full of fruits and vegetables…Jesus and moses fasted for 40 days…so I dont see anything wrong with it…there are many books on juice and water fasting which can help with many ailments that can be cured or slowed down…read and research for yourself…black people we are some of the most unhealthy people in america..just remember you are what you eat

  • SoSmoove

    Also go on a fast for 7 days and see do you still need to go to the bathroom to move bowels…you will be suprise how clogged up your body is..and you need to do it….especially black men do a colon cleanse if you dont want to fast but do something…because the bacteria and build up in your colon is basically poison and imagine that stuff being there for 5 maybe even 40 years..

  • Here to Share Knowledge, Not argue with you

    6/10/10, 12:31:pm

    Dude has so much money that he can hire special doctors to monitor his weight…..he’ll be fine.
    Wow. Micheal Jackson thought the same thing. When the Lord calls you home, money and doctors don’t matter.

    R.I.P MJ
    *not wishin death on 50*
    You have made a very valid point sir….

  • Keep It Real

    Weight loss is not one the top ten list of concerns for black women. 😦

  • SoSmoove

    @keep it real…it should be

  • Keep It Real

    not on

  • Keep It Real


    You ever had a conversation with a black woman over 200lbs about weight loss. SMMFH That is a waist of time and energy with 99 out of a 100 of them.

  • SoSmoove

    Yes its very hard to find a lot of black women that is willing to get into being healthy or being fit…and most black women especially in the south where I’m located will not go anywhere near a treadmill acting like it will give them aids or something…and I’m a black man when I go to the gym to work out I dont see a lot of sisters its just fact…smh

  • miari

    50 cent looks an absolute wreck. I know he is trying to do this for his acting craft, but this is too too silly for his health. Get back to your true self 50 cent not 5cents.

  • SoSmoove

    and while I’m here..this a message to black people: Don’t wait until you get sick to try to get healthy because most of the time it is to late.

  • Starr

    I hope he can look the way he did before the weight lost- he had avery nice body

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