Is Trey Songz Chopping Down These Juicy Cakes??? Guess He’s Not “Already Taken” By Helen After All!

- By Bossip Staff

Trey Songz was caught looking coupled up with this lovely Latina stunner last night, ironically enough, just yesterday he released a video for “Already Taken” featuring his ex-girl Helen. Pop the hood for details and more exclusive shots and details

A BOSSIP source managed to get pictures of Trey Songz in VIP at NYC nightspot Greenhouse with this lovely lady looking quite comfortable. We were told that the two were all over each other when they left the club together, holding hands. Interesting…

She looked familiar, so we did a little digging and we realized we’ve featured her before… she’s actually a model named Sophia Marie who has appeared in several videos.

Apparently she’s also previously dated Chris Brown! SMH.

Here are some more shots:

We’re not all the way sure about this one. It sounds like they were putting on a show!

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    I really could careless who he is dating. I am so pissed it aint me!

  • suger

    – W E L C O M E T O B l a c k W h i t e D a t e * C o m –

    I strongly recommend ______ B l a c k W h i t e D a t e * C o m ______ to you where I just found my interracial boyfriend! You know it is a great place to meet black men and beautiful women. What’s kind of relationship do you want?

  • A Video Ho3...

    …is NOT a model.

  • jojo

    SO have no shame about sleeping around with the same women?Men need to really raise their standards….

  • duh

    If you dont care why even bother to comment?…???

  • thablackyoutube

    He’s always hugged up with somebody. This could be some random chick he saw walking somewhere.

  • realtalk


  • Men's Online Magazine

    Trey Songz is definitely not a one women girl

  • peewee

    Naw that aint his girl…she probably good in bed & Chris Borwn suggested her…

  • Dark is Beautiful

    F.uck is up with that bytch chin? She out there looking like the crimson chin sister…she look like you could hit her in the jaw with a brick and it won’t phaze her..tough a$$ chin

  • not sursprised......

    i think Ima get me a latina and leave these broke azz black bytches alone-much luv to TREY

  • horrible

    I don’t want him or Chris…but why do these BOYS parade around with these Latina/white chicks that wouldn’t given a ***about them if they were regular dudes without the fame or the money …..SO STUPID If she was black she would be a gold digger right??? But she is Latina so its ok to flaunt the ***>Trey songs is a lil skinny dude…can we stop idolizing these young boys that set bad examples for other young men. I hope he gets a disease from her busta behind! Yep, I said it!! SHE IS STICKS N BONES LOL OMG

  • laylah

    i think shes in medical school…thats what sandrarose said anyway

  • horrible

    ummmmm…@ i think ima get a latina ^^^^^^so you think some latinas are not broke??? The only reason they r messing with these dudes are for money, who the hell wants a brok black man when you look good as hell, well at least I do….IT seems like you trying to come up on some black chick for her money…go to the other side dude….WE DONT NEED YOU….Black women, we neeed to venture out of our pathetic pool of black men…@ least to date…it may be wrth a try

  • yogi

    bottom line…groupie steez

  • Mr.uPPeR CuTTs


    She BAD… good looks Trey!!

  • Jordan

    Cut it out, you females be chasing the same type of males. Stop all the whining last time I checked you sistas were still chasing those same looking males that have light eyes, stop crying. Whiny a22 broads,

    The whining and crying is why negros venture out, you black women don’t know when to stop crying.

  • Durdy

    Real Black shut the F up with all that dont you go to bed, what are you a paralyzed parrot. Must be on welfare to be able to sit on here and post your rants. go make some money you nut case,

  • Janelle

    She looks better to me in the face than both Helen and Rosa Acosta.

  • Mochacashmere

    I thought he was gay?

  • Sheez-Da-Truth

    Trey snorez is not da shyt..the end

  • Pisces82

    I feel like he’s trying to sell” something,” but I’m just not buying it…He doesn’t do it for me. Ironically, I liked him a lot more when he first came out.


    dag these guys get rich and are still going for neighborhood h-o-e-s!!!!

    4 real if you rich u 2 good 2 get slopy seconds.

    then ew tre put his lips on any and everyone. i see why herpes spreads!!!

  • Curious1 aka P r o n e 2 Bossip Induced Hissy Fits/ Red Pill vs Blue Pill

    Are there NO Latino Men Celebs..?? These chicks be thirsty for that popular arm candy photo ops…They “all look ” alike…now..all these booty broads…lol…

    helen is prolly mixed to, but she seems more natural…and just cute with him

  • Datzher

    Come on now u kno datz jus one of his hoez he got on speed dial!! Datz what they do!

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