Beyonce Lookalike On Big Brother U.K. Doesn’t Have Her Cakes, But…

- By Bossip Staff

This Beyonce lookalike on Big Brother U.K., Rachel, is pretty freaky and open about sharing her body. We can’t lie, her cakes may not make the cut, but from the front she looks like BeyBey…

Pop the top for a closer look at Rachel

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  • Geroge

    Who cares, is Beyonce something special, damn these losers making a big deal about some apple headed bird.

    Never thought Beyonce was attrative, wasnt my type.


    beyonce aint got much back there either so…who cares..she does favor her tho besides her pancake butt

  • Will

    Beyoncé is attractive, but this girl isn’t even remotely close to her.

  • suger

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  • zombiegirl

    wow why didnt they ask bey? i am sure she would have jumped, rolled and puzzy popped for the chance

  • !@#$%^&*(!)

    Yeah she does resemble Bey. She doesn’t have a lot a makeup on either most celebs have to pile on the makeup just to like themselves.


    She does not look like Beyonce. And why are we even discussing Beyonce? I am glad she is on hiatus and not annoying us with her pelvis thrusts & gyrations.

  • frankie

    i see it

  • pat

    if beyonce and laila ali had love child it would be this chic…she does favor bey tho…bey doesnt have a very unique look..i’ve been saying that for years and this goes to prove it

  • sholla21

    I can see a little bit of Beyonce with the face, hair, skintone.
    However, Bey crushes her in the body department.
    Bey’s got a well defined waist, wide hips and bigger cakes.

  • hummm

    i will like them enough for the both of us. its cool im just giving like that dont worry bout it

  • HarlemVanity

    interestingly enough the young lady who looks a lot like Bey is a white woman….

  • OMG!!!!!!!!

    yeah she does… but beyonces but is not big, she is just wide and flat… aint nothing wrong with that!

  • germ case

    this guy has more a*s*s than beyonce.

  • whoknew!?

    she must of been born in House of Pancakes. The one in Flatbush. Not too far from the Boardwalk. Narrowly missed a pedestrian in her car. Like a bottomless pit. i crack myself up. She flat.

  • Ne Ne aka iB@S

    she does kind of look like bey 2003 when she was in bonnie and clyde

  • Leileithealterego

    Puh-leeze. Next!!

  • crazysexycool

    she looks more like a mix of Ciara and Lil Kim. Sorry, can’t see no Beyonce there.

  • geegley

    she looks like an ugly beyonce

  • charlieblanko

    Why isn’t this story showing on my top home page?

  • Barry


  • asasa

    beyonce has no back either , its a heels and the pants , angles , illusions. plus this girls is way bustier then beyonce and her b cups

  • Sha

    lawd! something told me i’d be seeing more of her here!!!! lol 😀

  • HOtsy TOTsy

    more like lil kim

  • oh yea


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