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Another day, another oil spill..this time it’s Chevron:

Containment of a crude oil spill estimated at around 20,000 gallons into Red Butte Creek is expected to last well into the night and continue through Sunday as multiple agencies work to mitigate impacts to the stream and wildlife.

The fracture of the Chevron pipeline sent oil gushing into the riparian corridor, leaving the thick, tacky substance clinging to rocks, soil and any fish and birds in its path. A biology teacher from Rowland Hall watched with dismay the stream “running black” on Saturday. The creek that runs through his backyard and normally gives him such delight instead swamped the morning air with a horrible smell.

“It stinks and it is toxic,” Peter Hayes said. “Whatever is in that creek will die. I have so little faith in oil companies to take care of this.” Even as the BP Gulf Coast oil tragedy and its stumbling cleanup efforts continue to dominate the news, Salt Lake City awakened Saturday morning to its own ecological disaster winding its way through Salt Lake neighborhoods and turning Liberty Park into a command center.

Where children would normally play and chase ducks, those same waterfowl were coated with the gooey substance, helplessly trying to groom the oil off themselves.

This ish is getting out of hand.




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