*Bossip Exclusive* Nicole Lyons Is The First Black Woman EVERYTHING In Racing Cars!! Danica Who??

- By Bossip Staff

Nicole Lyons is doing big things in the NHRA circuit and for black women globally. By winning, challenging stereotypes and by being a banger that is so easy on the eyes… Nicole has nowhere to go but the top.

We got the scoop on Nicole and  MORE bangin’ pictures.

Pop the top and peep the interview and pictorial

BOSSIP: How did a pretty girl like yourself get into racing cars??

Nicole: When I was little. You can see how long we have been in racing. My father was a racecar driver and engine builder. He was my inspiration and my best friend. We lost him suddenly in 2005; he was also a pioneer of racing and he would be so proud we never gave up.

BOSSIP: How are you guys making it work being a black motor sport team and being a black woman in a white male sport?

Nicole: We are looking for sponsors NOW and we have made history already and will continue as I am the 1st black woman to race now and compete in NHRA top sportsman, competition eliminator, pro stock. I will also be the first to race NHRA pro mod once we find funding then once I smash all the competition in that… it’s on to Nascar for 2012.

BOSSIP: You know a lot about the racing aspect, but what about the cars?

Nicole: Many people don’t know I have built award winning engines and own and operate a muscle car restoration shop “Cole Muscle Cars.”  History is being made and the world should know!

BOSSIP: Who all should get involved in your sponsorship and your movement?

Nicole: The car can be sponsored by record labels to cosmetics… it’s time to join the movement!

BOSSIP: Are you married?

Nicole: Yes, but no kids…

BOSSIP: Is he black?

Nicole: Yes…

BOSSIP: Cool, we will most definitely get this up for you sweet heart! Great talking to you too!

Nicole: Likewise…  You guys are funny!

Check Out Nicole’s Shop/Site Here!


Click Here To Watch Nicole In A Behind The Scenes BossipVideo.com Exclusive!

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  • Brash


  • Syreeta


  • Joy

    Good for her

  • ThawtProvoKING

    Y’all are funny. Always race baiting…who cares! She looks scrumptous!!! By the way, in a sport dominated by white men, It is a rather pleasant surprise she chose a brotha! I’m sure she gets racist insults all the time. I’ve been to a NASCAR event and please trust me when I say they do not like us there. Much respect to her. Keep doing your thing my Queen.

  • Racing While Black


  • KJ

    Why in heaven is everyone crying about the married to a black man question? Jeez..its humor, joke or whatever. its not racial, “race bait” or whatever! Why in heaven does everything have to be about race with us African Americans????? Cherish the woman and her accomplishment and lets all celebrate a black woman doing such a huge thing while facing CRAZY obstacles.

  • Gambino

    Check out the books Racing While Black & Silent Thunder.

  • Educated Goon

    Black Husband? I support her 100%… I’ll deff be keeping up with her career. God Bless!

  • Gambino

    Thanks for featuring this lady! It’s always good to hear about ppl of color in motorsports. Danica who? is right, I hate the lil … & it’s no secret.

  • Curious1 aka P r o n e 2 Bossip Induced Hissy Fits/ Red Pill vs Blue Pill

    If true then congrats..I guess..

    Race car driving is a helluva sport…and a typical man’s sport…so it’s tough for a woman,regardless..

  • Reality

    I am going to be ignorant and say that I am happy she is married to a brother. This news is good for myself and Real Black is Chocolate. If she was married to a white dude everyone would have been saying that that was the reason for her success. Brother should bake that cake in that oven soon so as the produce a fomula one racer, an Indy brother and finally a rally car sister 🙂

  • charlieblanko


    6/14/10, 20:56:pm

    I am going to be ignorant and say that I am happy she is married to a brother. This news is good for myself and Real Black is Chocolate. If she was married to a white dude everyone would have been saying that that was the reason for her success. *

    Brother should bake that cake in that oven soon so as the produce a fomula one racer, an Indy brother and finally a rally car sister* 🙂


    Tellum Cuuuuuuzzz!

    Best Comment SO Far!

    <~~Is not married to a sister…lmao

  • Reality

    @ Charlieblanko lol true. If matix B, or rose by any other name look like her, or the Nubian God blessed Kenya Moore, Toni and Lauryn as they looked in the 90s. I am putting in my applications, to either stay with Rose in the US or moving to Canada for Matix B. This lady radiates intelligence and charisma ifused confidence 🙂

  • Reality

    @ God Favors Me, I know what Real black is trying to teach black people, I am trying to teach him that black people on the continent are not only on the colour grid but on the whole electromagnetic spectrum. There is the electric black and milky white to the magnetic black to milky white amongst black people. Even the reds and other inbetween colors that only girls knew were colors growing up. If only Africans could start broadcasting our diversity to the world real black would not put Lisa raye and Eva pigford on pioneer speakers lol.

  • Candy Barr

    I agree with a previous poster: What does her being married to a Black man have to do with anything? I never notice you asking any Black NBA/NFL players, or rappers that . . .

  • cool beans

    One of my first nyspace friends! Yay Nicole! Baby tee shirt sponsorship even?

  • Educated Goon

    why is my comments not popping up?

  • White Devil

    Q: Is her husband married to a black girl?

    A: Barely


    Plenty of talented drivers out there.Means nothing if can’t line up SPONSORSHIP.Good luck kid.

  • Educated Goon

    @Black is Chocolate

    You need some serious help.. I really think you are psychotic. Just because a black person has a light complexion doesn’t necessarily mean they are mixed. Even if they are they are still black at the end of the day.

  • Poppa Doc

    @real black

    Malcolm X was light skinned…
    …I’ll wait…

  • Pissed off

    Whats does that fact that Malcolm X was lightskin he was a black man. This chick is not black..shes mixed with something. Can’t you guys see that the black woman is dying in the media you love so much……real darkskin 100 black. The mixed light skin long hair women is the new black women in the public eye. And who cares if she married to a black man soo what..that only helps to continue the white washing of the black woman and man.

  • Educated Goon

    @RealBlack is chocolate

    I agree with what you are saying. But you also don’t know genetics. First of all I never called people mixed until I see a blood test. Because the negroid genes are the most dominate of all races. So if a black man & a white woman has a child that chat is BLACK at the end of the day. I don’t care if it looks like Mariah Carey it is black. Because I know when that Blood test comes out it will read “88% Sub-Saharan African 12% European”.. I’ve seen so many sell-out mixed people get a wake up call after they finally got a genetic test.

    With that being said, you are horribly ignorant. I dont know if this woman is mixed or not, but even if she was don’t you know what happens when a mixed woman has a child with a back man? Do you seriously think the baby comes out mixed?

    Why am I even responding to you??

  • koko clark

    God damn idiots

  • Mock Rock Star

    Good for her…I wish her plenty success in the future

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