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In the much-anticipated Game 6 in the NBA Finals the Boston Celtics came out playing like the Golden Girls against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Hell, Estelle Getty and Betty White’s jumpers would have been a better choice for the C’s! Ballhawk Kobe Bryant and the rest of the Goonies came out ballin’! Well the NBA got what they wanted the almighty Game 7 on Thursday night in LA.

The Celtic’s took a Rodney King a$$-whooping losing 89-67, getting out played in every aspect of the game! What did you expect would happen? Many NBA conspiracy theorists are fuming with thoughts and explanations. Here is one for you…it’s all about the dollar, dollar bill ya’ll! Everyone and their mama’s will be glued to the tube on Thursday to watch Game 7!

Will Lamar Odom and his ‘Milk Dud’ head and the rest of the Lakers show up? Will Big Baby Jesus and the Cricket (Rajon Rondo) show up for the Celtics? Get your answers on Thursday! Hey, NBA you’re not slick!



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