Nicki Minaj Brings Her Cake Game To Black Men Magazine!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Nicki Minaj graces the August Cover of Black Men Magazine and BOSSIP’s got the official cover along with photos from the shoot. Pop the hood to see ’em!

Shout out to Marcus Blassingame – August is lookin’ to be a VERY HOT month!

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  • Have you seen the youtube video of the white cop dragging out the weave of a black woman, then throwing her to the ground in Mcdonalds?


  • Shynum1

    This is what she is all about her body. Looks fade and once yours does what will you do next?


    DAMNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!! *Smokie and Craig voices*

  • Erica

    nice! not too revealing,we seen worse. if this was rihanna her vajayjay would be spread open

  • Jayonce

    I secretly love this trick! Shhhhhhhh don’t tell nobody!

  • 1991 UK

    i rely don’t like her nose for a strange reason…


    is she blasian?

  • B3 Fearless

    She looks good and she’s covered up moreso than a lot of females on covers.

  • lovely

    she looks “bad” but i mean what else does she have to offer besides her looks?

  • str8thruthebs

    Also the original Jews are African /black



  • People Say I Look Like Nicki-What a Compliment!

    Nicki is of Trinidadian-Tobagan descent-which is probably closer to having “African Blood” than you “Real” Chocolate…also, I will definitely cop that cut for the fall-it’s too plain for my summer style but I love Onika all day!

  • Join

    Do u know the site BMW million aire.c om? It’s a nice place to meet people owning BMW or like it. Are you planning meet them or even date with them? GOGOGO!

  • CriticXtreme

    One more comment – if only something on her was real! I can’t take all this fake ish with black women.

  • Lena

    Dumb bi$ch…so over her. Next!

  • Mike said Nicki cant rap but she hot

    I want her to ride my nutz


    You will never get a good look at her “Booty” because its booty implants the photographer knows this so he uses weird angles.

  • ricowil1


  • Hell Is On Our Side!

    I flukcs wit’ Nicki ALL DAY EVERY DAY!! Why? Just because I hate the haters!

  • Hell Is On Our Side!

    Wow! The haters (like this site!) give this chick LIFE! Keep up the hate. The girl is well on her way to reaching icon status before she drops a single album.

    Nicki a BAD chick! Keep ya head up, ma! You lookin’ REAL good!

  • don

    Luda was right – THAT CHICK BAD!

  • caribbeanjah

    She’s getting played out…

  • Benji

    Ma chic bad, Nickie u da best

  • aries79

    nice body

  • Just Sayin

    Yawn… :-O

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