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Following in her big sister’s footsteps, Khloe Kardashian, who has been linked to 50 Cent, brought this dude as her date to the two year anniversary celebration of 944 Magazine. Letting black dudes smash must be the new prerequisite for trying to get put on…

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  • Dre

    Rashard McCants

  • Infinite45

    Did I get 1st? I know I didn’t

  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    is anyone surprised?

  • chaz

    It’s Rashad McCants…I think he still plays for the T-wolves (NBA)

  • sista_3_stacks

    Hmmm…he looks extra wack…she can have em, but tell KIM to GIVE REGGIES ASS BACK!!!!!!

  • YR

    It’s Rashad McCants…I went to UNC with him.

  • Aunt Viv

    what’s 944 magazine?

  • sista_3_stacks

    Even he looks unsure, like he changed his mind at the last minute to be steppin out with her ass HAHAAA

  • McCain's finished



  • sista_3_stacks

    So u going to UNC WITH HIM TELLS US you are a….

    TRUE D!ck Riderrrrr

    LOL, just messin with you…but u had to say u went “with him” Cute.

  • Roni

    Big Deal. All the Khardashian fems are air headed, shallow,attention seeking hoes. Sad bunch including the Mama.

  • Ya Boy KJ

    Whatever, I’d hit it…

  • http://RandomDomination.wordpress.com Jcredible

    Wow. She is a big chick so i guess she need a tall guy who appreciate a thick white girl (Enter tall lame black guy who likes head). I don’t think too many white guys like em thick. More importantly Rashad McCants is a scrub.


    This is Rashad McCant’s. He starting guard for the Minnesota Timberwolves. He was the leading scorer out of UNC when they won the championship. He’s good peeps…not a fruitcake by anymeans…

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators (Keepin' It Real - D'Original)

    DAMN, now we gonna have her a$$ on here all the time (*just like her sister)…

    DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!!!!


  • Miss Take

    I thought Khloe was the fat one. That black dress is doing a heck of a job disguising her amorphous shape.

    Those Kardashians will take anything Black that gets trapped in the net.

  • BG

    well, who wouldn’t want a black man on their side?? duuuh….

    wouldn’t you ladies want someone to “handle that”

    Alot of “other folks are scared of that budunkadunk bootay

  • mswallst

    i’m not feeling that dress on her. that wasn’t a good look!

  • Jessica

    So what. We all know white men don’t like fat white broads!! Who else is gonna whar her???lol

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    Cute dress…not on her though.

  • Oshie

    I hope they have lots and lots of little milano babies, because milanos are delicious with their creamy milk chocolate center.

  • mswallst


    wow that’s saying a lot about black men! lol

  • Rozza♥

    What is 944 Magazine, and why is she wearing that tight dress without Spanxx? She should know like all of us who are wearing some thickness on our bodies that Spanxx are necessary.

  • JAD

    Are you surprised. White women LOVE black men…The dress is cute but not on her. She actually looks decent for a change.

  • mswallst


    it’s mulatto

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