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Charlie Kirk is a name you might not be familiar with and to be honest, you’re not missing anything, however, we thought it prudent to highlight some of his latest comments so that you can learn who he is and treat him accordingly going forward.

Kirk is a conservative talking head who operates in the far-right, white supremacist-y, MAGA space that centers around sh!tt!ng on Black folks, “owning the libs”, propagating demonstratively false narratives, and generally being a dumpster juice smoothie of a human being. Kirk runs his game with another unseasoned gentleman named Jack Posobiec (HEAVY emphasis on the “POS”) whose schtick can equally be represented using all the aforementioned descriptors. On their most recent episode of the aptly named podcast Thought Crime, Kirk and POS were lamenting the DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) programs being adopted in the American corporate infrastructure that allows other people who aren’t white men to have a half a chance of advancing in their respective fields.

One place where this is happening is in the aviation industry where white people, specifically men, make up an egregious majority of those who command commercial airliners through our friendly skies. A DataUSA report from 2021 tallied that 88.3% of all aircraft pilots and flight engineers were white, 93.9% of which were men. However, facts and common sense be damned when it comes to the conservative culture war dedicated to staging Anglo-Saxons as victims of the progressive agenda. Peep what Kirk and POS had to say about the idea that Black people might also be qualified to be professional pilots

We’ve mentioned this several times over the past few months but it bears repeating, this is a very tense election year and right-wing whiteys are going to be in the rarest of forms with their rhetoric and racism. Charlie Kirk and his soggy ilk should be floating at the bottom of a bowl of flavorless chicken noodle soup.


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