Justin Combs Is Only Allowed To Drive His $400,000 Maybach On “Special Occasions,” Mommy Misa Buying Him A More Modest Whip

- By Bossip Staff

Justin Combs is one spoiled motherf*cker. Not only does he have a Maybach worth 400 stacks that he got for his 16th birthday, but his mom has been shopping around to buy him a car that he can drive on a daily basis. Flip the script for more details…

Sean Combs is catching flak over a recent ABC interview where he was asked if it was appropriate to give son Justin a $400,000 Maybach for his 16th birthday. “It’s appropriate for me to give my kids whatever I give my kids,” Diddy responded. But it’s moot because Justin doesn’t have the Maybach, and his mother, stylist Misa Hylton-Brim, was spotted at a BMW dealer last weekend looking at more modest rides. Her rep, BJ Coleman, told Page Six, “Misa has recently been shopping for a new BMW for Justin.” Combs was filmed in January for MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16” presenting his son with a Maybach at the teen’s lavish birthday bash. But although Justin, who lives with his mom in Westchester, drove off in the car on his birthday, it stays parked at his father’s house to be used only for special occasions, said sources close to Combs.

So this guy is gonna have a Maybach AND a BMW at the age of 16?!?!?! Damn, this lil nukka best be a straight A student, going to an Ivy League school, and preparing himself for a job where he can afford this sh*t on his own. SMH.


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  • katt

    first….it ain’t trickin if you got it

  • Pantherbaby

    I’m scared for him there’s so many jealous negative haters out in the world somebody might carjack or rob him.

  • Nique(C'mon Vamanos!!)

    No story here. Rich blk folks have been doing absurd sh!!t like this since they came in2 money…..that BMW will soon be a $45,000 hunk of metal sitting in some1’s junk yard after he crashes.

  • gigi

    spoil ur kids they your kids no one else

  • jen

    yea its diddy money he can do what he want but buyin a 16 year old a 400,000 car is the dumbest shyt i ever heard. rich white folk dont even do this. back in high school, everyone i knew done crashed up their first car atleast once including myself. he shoulda got a bmw in the first place. its obvious that diddy was using that car to try and make-up for producing bastard children and not spending enough time with them.


    People with Maybachs don’t get carjacked and their cars don’t get stolen. Do you really think he will be cruisin in the hood? It may be a little extreme to purchase such an expensive car for a 16yr old, but his father has that kind of money. We would be questioning it if he gave him a Ford Focus. Why such an inexpensive car for someone who has the money? Do what you want to do for your kids! Some people think it is insane to buy a 16yr old a car at all. Please yourself, F–k the others!!!!!!

  • ErycaK

    To each it’s own…

  • drenk

    @ jen

    lol me too! my first car ended up with no front or back bumbers and just burn marks up n down the seats

  • Brandon T

    @pantherbaby, I agree with you cuz you got some serious “Stick Up Kids” lurking around. Lyfe Jennings said himself “they are teasing me with these 23’s on their rides” and all of that jazz. Sean “Diddy” Combs should’ve not went above and beyond the call of duty to be daddy; just give the boy a BMW or Mercedes Benz and that’ll settle it. I know I would be happy with that.

  • summer

    i ment damage control

  • chaka1

    The first car is a publicity stunt. The second car will be more practical.

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals-I'm just too good to be true!!!


    And I thought I did something big by giving my son an Acura.

    Oh well, I ain’t mad at him, though. Do you, Pis.s.y, Puffy, Poofy, Dizzy or whatever you call yourself. I just hope and pray you guys are teaching that young man morals and values along with giving him elaborate gifts.

    There is nothing worse than a rich, arrogant kid!

  • jen

    lmao drenk! my first car had a sideview mirror missing and the whole left side caved in. shyt i had this friend in high school who got in 6 car accidents in one year.

  • aries79

    Diddy first born..why not!!!

  • Curious1 aka P r o n e 2 Bossip Induced Hissy Fits/ Red Pill vs Blue Pill

    In this global feeling recession..people bragging about their narcisissm and wealth…is a crime…

    That’s what I find “bad” about this…The bragging while people are out here begging to keep their lil houses and ish..all outta work even…

    America feels like a caste system as much as it is race obsessesd..money obsessed…

  • anewme

    Wow…must be nice! My first car was a 1980 mustang that I had to spray paint and call it a paint job. Happy Friday everyone! 🙂

  • http://www.soulmotion.co.uk/TammiTerrellPic.jpg JumpoFF

    The best thing rich black Ignorant Brothers know how to do with money is waste it..I am so ashamed. SMGDH

  • TheTruth

    Its all for show!! Yeah he gave the car to him but did you read that its sitting in diddys’ driveway for speacial occasions! That means when diddy feal like fronting again!!!

  • ThatBKChick

    At least his mother is keeping his lil arrogant a zz in check. That is going to be a hard thing to do considering his father is the biggest arrogant idiot in the business. I can see this dude already sharpening his pooh doody skills already…calling himself the Price of NY…..SMDH!!! I love the episode on his sweet 16 and he was trying to spit at Nicki…..she was like whatever lil nucka!!!!LMAO!

  • cubevision

    if anyone told me how i shud spend my money they would be greeted with a holy choru of STFU. They’re rich so they spend like rich people do.

  • tami

    I feel like Puff Daddy should be able to give is kids whatever they want. If I am able to afford it I would most definately by anything for my child in this world because….to me your child is the most priceless….and deserving of anything…. why not give your child whatever…..so people out there please stop filling your hearts with such hate….It really sad that people can be so jealous and hateful….He can use is money for whatever he want…He is not asking you guys for any….PLEASE STOP THE HATIN’ PEOPLE

  • Coop

    @Nique(C’mon Vamanos!!)
    @Matix B (Brains over Beauty)

    You all do realize that the Mtv’s Sweet 16 shows were made to showcase rich white folks and thier money. It’s just in the past few year that rich blacks have been shown.

    These people’s money and lives are in a completely different world. To them spending 50k is like us spending $10.oo. Look at the Simmons kids they are all guaranteed six figure or better jobs.

  • the Negro Committee

    My 1st car was an ’87 Chevy Spectrum. That’s what my parents could afford…so I guess if they had Diddy’s money it probably would equate to a Maybach…LOL

  • nana

    KMT we work hard so that we can give our kids what we did not have. So many fathers out there not giving their kids sh*t, then you get a black man who has WORKED HARD to be able to give his kids anything they damn well please and he’s supposed to feel guilty about that GTFOH! I remember little romeo had his own house at that age!!

  • !!!!!


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