Alicia Keys: “I Don’t Need Red Hair To Sell Albums”

- By Bossip Staff

Alicia Keys is featured in the July 2010 issue of Elle magazine for their Rock of Angels: Women in Music 2010 and she discusses the authenticity of her look and her music:

“My look isn’t plotted out, like, I’m going to have red hair because it’s a new record. It has to be genuine, not a branding concept.”

Hmmm…wonder who she may be referring to…

Read more of Akeys in Elle HERE…

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  • Matix B (Brains over Beauty)

    I love her music, but she needs to sit down and worry about her gestation.

  • The "Original" Brown Hornet

    She just steal s husbands…

  • mz.cee

    Yea Yea Keys STFU! U aint all that!

  • think first

    Well, considering magazines sometimes archive articles before publishing them, I wonder when this was done. Rihanna just dyed her hair so it’s very likely A Keys did this interview before Rihanna dyed her hair. Just throwing some thought out there before I judge.

  • summer

    i don’t think the pregnant homewrecker was talking about her

  • ThatBKChick

    Stay in your own lane AKeys…you have no right to be “throwing stones” at nobody!!!SMDH! When you are great athlete, entertainer or whatever you are, you need not look out of your lane because you are already “trailblazing”. This is why I took what Kobe said last night about Shaq and re-affirmed why I will never like the Lakers/Kobe EVER!. Kobe learned nothing from the LAL Greats that came before him (Jabar, Johnson, etc).

    Black folk need to learn Keep your mouth shut and do you!!! When you are great at what you do, you don’t have time for haters. Haters make your job that much easier and some people just do not get that fact!…SMDH!

  • think

    The article was done before rih-diculous decided to go red….judge her(Alicia) product not her for what she does in her life especially If you really can’t piece together the entire story

  • looks who's talking!!

    miss thing who can’t sing either. nan one of them can sing….rihannna or alicia. howze about you stop being flat every time you sing live alicia? and rihanna quit gargling listerine while you sing and quit saying “eh!”.
    Music is in a state of emergency right now and these ganches are a part of the heart atack that caused it. child bye.

  • summer

    alicia keys can’t sing at all,i don’t know whats wrong with her stans ear.

  • 504 only dislike childish "adults?"


  • super goon one

    No she just needs to ruin a marrriage now and then….

  • mz.cee


    Truer words havent been spoken, preach!

  • Aphatty

    No – you don’t need red hair, just someone else’s husband and canckles.

  • Clarkekent3000

    She right,so what?

  • why?

    You all are so caught up in the HYPE that you missed the BOTTOM LINE, of which, she is simply saying, SHE ISNT A PRODUCT and DOES NOT HAVE TO BE BRANDED to get a sale!

    THANKS ALICIA! I appreciate your realness and your soulful music! That is why you continue to flourish!

    Education, it is key, trying getting one!

  • dee

    lol @ Aphatty.

  • why?

    Oh, TYPO LMAO!
    I meant education is key, try getting one!

  • Yun Dun Know

    Stop hating Alicia; Rhianna and you are two totally different artists.

    This is nothing new to us; Rhianna changing up her hairstyle or wearing eccentric clothing. No one was surprised. This is her M.O.

    We know you’re preggers and all, and the hormones will have you talking breezy, but this, you need not comment on.

    You just need to worry about if Sewizz Beaks is scouting out the next wife/baby mama.

    Because what you both did, someone IS going to do it to you.

    Trust that….

  • Matix B (Brains over Beauty)

    Maybe she can you some of that Bio oil, that keep sgetting spammed up on here? She needs some simmer down time. while your at it pop a Materna and STFU, blessings to the baby tho!

  • sdef

    I strongly recommend ______ B l a c k W h i t e D a t e * C o m ______ to you where I just found my interracial boyfriend! You know it is a great place to meet black men and beautiful women. What’s kind of relationship do you want?

  • aries79

    She better plot how she gonna lose 
    that baby weight, before swizz move 
    on to da next one…lol

  • Matix B (Brains over Beauty)

    oh Boj oil, no thanks

  • dana

    I don’t believe for a minute she was talking about Rhianna…..shes a natural and does not have to work at it…she does not need to shave half her head…dye it green…or add 50 lbs of horse hair to be REAL! don’t hate – I you all know she didn’t have to work too hard to turn Swizz head….she’s the total package and those who lack hate.

  • Keepnit100

    No Alicia, you don’t need red just steal husbands, who by the way are successful music producers!

  • dana

    pls excuse errors

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