Jeremy London Allegedly Kidnapped And “Forced” To Smoke Dope, Folks Claim Otherwise

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This story sounds extremely bizarre. Remember that Jeremy London dude from Party of Five and 7th Heaven??? Well, apparently he was kidnapped and forced to smoke rocks, and some people beg to differ…SMH.

Details on this comedy when you…
According to Radaronline:

Brandon Adams, the man currently behind bars and accused of kidnapping Party Of Five star Jeremy London, would never have forced anyone to do drugs, say friends who know the Palm Springs local. was first to break the story Thursday of the bizarre ordeal surrounding London and leading to Adams’ arrest. London claims that a stranger helped him fix a flat tire and then kidnapped him, forcing him to smoke drugs, buy alcohol and then distribute it. Adams was arrested and charged with numerous offenses. But we spoke exclusively to a couple who know Adams and live in the same apartment building, and they said they believe Adams would do drugs with the actor, but absolutely reject the notion he would FORCE London to do drugs. “I don’t believe it,” a neighbor – who wished to remain anonymous – told about the charges Adams forced London to smoke drugs

“Brandon probably was doing drugs WITH that actor, and the guy just said he was forced to smoke because he knew drugs were in his system.”

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Dude’s family doesn’t even believe him:

Jeremy London’s bizarre tale of being kidnapped at gunpoint and forced to smoke crack has his family worried.

The actor’s twin brother Jason and mom Debbie Nielsen say in an exclusive interview with E! that more than anything they’re concerned about Jeremy, who told E! in April that he had successfully kicked an addiction to prescription meds and was seven months’ sober.

“There have been times we’ve had hope [he has remained clean],” says Jason. “We are very concerned for him. This is his family’s cry for help.” “I don’t want him to be another statistic,” added Nielsen, whose daughter (and the twins’ sister) Dedra died in a car accident when she was 16. “I don’t want to bury another child.”

Geeze…sounds like Jeremy needs some serious help!!


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  • Pantherbaby

    Yeah right and were suppose to believr this?

  • ThatBKChick

    You know White folks kill me…..Charlie Sheen and the whole slew of Hollywierd Trailer Trash have been running like like Crack bandits for years…it’s only when they get caught they make up some outlandish stories and crap!! This fool is a crackphine and we are suppose to believe this ish?….WHITE FOLKS PUT DOWN THE CRACK PIPE!!…At least when black folk get caught they admit their ish, catch a case and keep it moving–These white celebrities are just sick!!!!!!

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    so you blame it on the black man

  • B3 Fearless

    Aww I used to have such a crush in him and his twin brother. So sad…

  • .......thats all i have to say

    ole boy looking ziester then a lemon, that sound a little bit suspect! they both looking crazy as hell!!!

  • omni101

    and I say again, “all a white man or woman has to do is get caught and their “realistic” explanation is ” a black guy did it” what a bunch of bullshyt!

    hugh grant
    susan smith
    Bonnie Sweeten
    Charles Stuart
    jeremy london

    and many more will say these things, why? cause it’s accepted from us as well, we dont trust black men too.

    shame , shame, shame

  • kookee jenkins

    did hold him hostage with a hotcrack pipe?

  • Smittyt

    Another prime example of how white’s pretend to be your friend, but once they get he neck in a noose.They’ll throw your black azz right under a BUS.Done had it happen to me plenty of times, and i don’t even hang with, or have white friends.

  • Eddy

    Drugs are expensive and for this wealthy white guy to say a black man made use drugs. Ridiculous! I doubt if Jeremy’s family really believe him.

  • what is that?

    oh, again, blame the negro that have these white people cracked on dope…

  • I dont care but still will comment

    They said the alleged kidnapper was 26…he looks more like 46.

  • foreallydoe

    Ol boy might as well just cop to it an not make up crazy stories. White actors are always getting caught high on dope and whatever and they always have another acting role waiting on them when they get out of jail. Look at Robert Downey Jr. Maybe this dude could be in Iron Man 3.

  • ErycaK

    Where’s Dr. Drew?????????

  • http://google Dee Dee01

    When N doubt—–accuse the Black man….Main Street Media will definitely believe it! What they should have posted is this guy is a *former user* probably has a urine test coming up soon and like N good ole’ t.v. land, he needed an alibi and lo’ and behold here is my drug dealer *alleged* Mr Adams. The only way some ppl will learn is by two words: Ms SUE.

  • so_sad

    This story was dumb and unbelievable when I read it. No one forced him to do drugs. He had a history of drug use before this even happened. His family is even questioning this mess. Ashame that white folks can’t take responsibility and always use a minority, mainly a black person as their scapegoat. Remember susan smith? the white lady that killed her kids over a man, but used the excuse that a black man kidnapped them. white america believed her and cryed along with her, till they found out she was responsible. and it just goes on and on. white dude was a dope head and made up a story so people wouldn’t think he fell off the wagon.

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