Ghetto Beauty Pageant Mom With Wacky Wig “The Inside Of The Dress Looks Busted But The Outside Is Fly!” [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

The Pippy Longstocking wig is just one of this Beauty Pageant Mother’s problems.

Pop the top to watch something that makes us embarrassed

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  • kay

    lol that was funny

  • GaGirl

    The dress is not the only thing thats busted

  • latoya

    is she mentally retarded…and she know she look a damn fool

  • Angee


  • Mabel

    She is whacked but she has a lovely home and nutten wrong with working on a project with the kids, family time. Wish her the best.

  • Kreole King

    well well well

    Boy I tell ya

  • Bopa

    I had to rewind a couple times I couldn’t understand wtf she was saying. ” I have no ____ idea..”, what? Ervalist?

  • 502'sMyssBrownBetty

    omg… I say tht whole episode… The pagent director took off with the $. Its soo hood rich

  • redcora

    okay.. if you’re getting ‘high’ off the glue, what do you think the kids are getting???

  • ali

    Why lol

  • sholla21

    The mother is funny. And that wig is a mess, ,lol.

  • John D. Hater


  • nywoman23

    maybe the glue made me high through the computer screen, because i didnt see a dress. im not even gonna replay it to see if i see it


    For the first time in my life… comment

  • Now Don't be Mad

    Her kids were cute though.

    Lol at Bopa. I had to rewind at the same spot too.

    Big ups to the mother for being involved!

  • vp

    i concur @me she was just acting silly withe her kids. honestly its obvious she has some sense nicer house than some of you haters and lovely well behaved children too….. judgmental bastards

  • how you doin???

    i like to see more Black woman taking more intrest in what they children espically young woman want to do…i wonder is some of you all know how expensive it is to put your onr daughter in a pagent let alone two and she does have a nice house

  • muchluv

    GREAT MOTHER!!! Do you lady, love your “creative style”!! Beautiful home and beautiful daughters…intelligent too! I missed what was supposed to be “ghetto” and “embarrasing” about it. It’s just a mother doing her thing and she happens to be black. Does “Black” equate “Ghetto”?


    HEY, HEY, HEY!!!!

  • Ann

    Oh Lord. I’m calling the NAACP right now…

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