Lady Gaga Too Drunk, Belligerent, And Skanky For The Yankees

- By Bossip Staff

Lady Gaga’s “classy actions” are no longer welcome at the Yankee Clubhouse:

A fuming Hal Steinbrenner informed Yankee Stadium executives that Lady Gaga is permanently banned from the team’s clubhouse after her boozy antics — including swigging whiskey and repeatedly fondling her boobs — during a visit to the house that Ruth built Friday night, sources told The Post. The songstress and two girlfriends sauntered their way into the Bombers’ clubhouse — without team approval — and hung out for 30 minutes after the team lost to the Mets.

She met six players — including Alex Rodriguez and Robinson Cano — while the “Poker Face” singer kept slurring her words trying to say how much she loved the Yankees and how thrilled she was to be inside the exclusive area, sources said. Gaga, drinking Jameson Irish Whiskey, was wearing a Yankees jersey half-unbuttoned, exposing her black bra, fishnet stockings and a bikini bottom. But apparently she didn’t think that was enough to catch the players’ eyes, so she kept groping her chest over her jersey.

Gaga, who has called herself a lifelong Yankee fan, caused a spectacle at Citi Field on June 10. She showed up in the fifth-inning and threw a tantrum when she was seated in the front-row. After cursing out nearby photographers, she forced the team to move her to Jerry Seinfeld’s luxury box. Then she flipped off the Flushing crowd with both fingers after swilling beers.

SMH. Sounds like someone needs to get it the f*ck together. Peep her lil fit below:


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  • Jewel17

    Gawd, this woman really does have a poker face. Eww.

  • dayg715

    this ugly bi.t.c.h. really thinks she’s madonna. SMH.

  • http://bossip nivea

    tt- Do not argue with fashionista ( yes that is her & that other creature ” white men date black women” Let her black, dirt face go to hell!!!!!
    I would say she has a light sister and she is the ugly duckling by her own standards.

  • coco

    @Ihatemyblackmom…it is clearly apparent that you are a broken individual. I’m so sorry you weren’t given the love you needed from your mother. INSTEAD of putting all black women in a bubble and occupying your time doing research on why black women are “the most hated in the world” you should try to deal with your issues. You’re still a black woman. AND your children will have your blood. SMH…God bless you honey

  • http://bossip shannon

    fashionista ” I hate my mom”- Reading between the lines. Fashionista has a black mom and a black dad. I would say her black dad who left her years ago have a biracial daughter with a white woman and FASHIONISTA gets treated like crap. I was with my friend yesterday who is black and she has a mexican & black daughter. This mixed woman came up to her and she was just saying how she had black brothers & sisters and how the family treated her different including her mom blah, blah, blah only she was saying they treated her like crap and as an adult she still was affected by it you could tell. Most of the time it’s vice verse. My friend snapped she was like don’t be bringing that racism shish around my daughter, we/family do not show favoritism, we spoil her and beat her a.s.s. She was saying as a family we don’t play that favortism. So I would say black face fashionista suffers from some kind of rejection in her life due to the color of her skin which I would say is dark black. I am black myself but damn I love it.

  • rose by any other name #9304026339482056536 ™

    I love my blackness and my black family and i would never ever ever ever ever ever ever want to be born white and pale gahostly! The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice biaaatchhh!!!

  • Authentic

    Oh I’m not a dark beauty, but I appreciate your beauty and hate that some feel less beautiful because they a chocolate. Sisters you the BEST!!!!!

  • Nicole The Nympho: Leela James' Album Is Great!

    uh i guess since i can post now i’ll say this, i love gagas music but girl friend needs to lay off the booze and/or drugs if shes taking any and also wear actual clothes in public. i love you gaga get it together sweetie! you dont have to show everything you got to be a diva and sell records!

  • http://aol ebonieladi

    Good morning Rose. How are you today? Hope you had a good weekend. I took my granddaughter to see WWE Raw last night and she lost her mind, especially when John Cena came out. You enjoy your day and keep telling it like it t-i- is.

  • forealydoe

    Please just ignore the undercover agents that comment on this site.


    Gaga loves the attention and will do anything to get it. Nothing new.

  • ackeejm

    Gaga is a disgusting!

  • http://bossip brown

    Fashionista- If you hate your dark black skin so much find a rope and a stair case. I’m sure your mom or dad wouldn’t mind. Your dad has his mixed children to worry about lol at you. Instead of faking white try embracing your black skin. If you want to talk hit me up (brown) free of charge. You need guidance. On a serious note all jokes aside I have no problem lending a helping hand to you it’s ok sweet heart I still have love for you.

  • sholla21

    About time some.b.o.d.y told Gaga that mess isn’t cute.

    She seems desperate, I don’t know why. She’s on top of the world. Maybe she has deeper issues.


    She is so pale & unattractive… & who goes to a game looking like that???? Hideous!

  • TsunadeSama

    @I hate my black mom, but love and cherish my white dad and my white step mom. => you need to meet some black women to get a real opinion because u seem to very cherish your white stepmom but u never asked urself why ur black mom is the way she is??? black women never stopped fighting to be recognized in society and respected. think about it instead of spilling ur hatred on something u apparently don’t know at all and reject who u are : A HALF BLACK WOMEN!!!

  • http://bossip Fashionista is chocolate black pleas beleive it

    Anyone who beleive fashionista ( I hate my….) has an inch of white blood in her is a got damn fool. Black people stop falling for something just because it’s what is reported. Fashionista is 1000% black and hates it so she fakes biricial. Come on sons and daughters

  • yeezyfan

    wth are u guys talkin about on here… im not even gonna… -_-

  • Bopa

    @I hate my black mom, but love and cherish my white dad and my white step mom.
    6/20/10, 10:16:am

    Sweety it seems to me that you have a personal problem that has nothing to do with the general African-American female population. Maybe you and your mother should seek couseling to help you with whatever issues you have. No matter what you say I still with the best for you. God bless you.

  • Bopa

    ^^ with/wish

  • Bopa

    Now on topic:

    Why did they let her in the stadium dressed like that?

  • Keke

    I hate my black mom, but love and cherish my white dad and my white step mom….dear please get some help. You have serious issues. Honey I am a black woman, and I have men that look just like your daddy chasing me everyday. You have a distorted view of life which is very unhealthy. I don’t know who feeds your madness, but I consider it abuse.

  • A white person who isn't racist

    @I hate my black Mom – You are the most pathetic loser in the world. To hate a whole race of people (or all black women)because of your supposed bad experiences with your mother is a sign that your family that you love so much is not really that great. Hate the person and not the whole group of people. I have many black female friends and ( a black step sister ) that are nothing like the ugly stereotype that you paint of them. The fact that your white family condones your hatred for black people and encourage your racist doctrines is a sign of how truly ignorant they are. You hate your mother but you ARE your mother – pathetic and self loathing. I’m sure you sound just like your mom who didn’t want a black child like herself – the reason she probably doesn’t like you is because you are too black for her (just like she is for you). Get a life and stop spewing hatred on the internet.

  • Keke

    I hate my black mom, but love and cherish my white dad and my white step mom as I re-read your post, I tend to think your are here to cause trouble. There is no way anyone could be this f***ed up in their thinking. Move along…..

  • When "KEEPING IT REAL" Goes Wrong!

    this is one ugly dude! Strike three, your out!!!!

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