Bobbi Kristina Looking Like A Skinny Version Of Her Moms And Pops…Smoking Cigarettes!!

- By Bossip Staff

Bobbi Kristina Brown was photographed looking like she dropped the baby fat and smoking a cigarette..making us a little worried that she might be following in Whitney and Bobby’s footsteps.

Pop the top and peep the little girl

We hope this ain’t another black girl lost…

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  • dee

    uh oh… we go!! poor girl.

  • TR

    Wow!! Hopefully she choseses her footsteeps wisely, and learns from her parents mistakes!!

    • Voices&Choices

      I also hope she learns, but kids often want to be like their parents (and they SHOULD want to be), so they think what they see are examples—not mistakes.

  • Mrs. Rance

    That’s too bad. Its a child’s foolish attemt to show the world how grown and cool they are. Hopefully she will quit before too much damage is done.

  • Siobhan

    Not cute – the smokes.

  • JKL

    ummm…I was really skinny in high school. I don’t see anything wrong. The only thing I see wrong with this pic is the cigarette, and hopefully she was punished for it.

  • i aM tHe qUi

    She looks a lot better than she did as a kid

  • frankiestage

    Was gonna say “skank in the making,” but looks more like a “skank made” scenario.

  • I wish i would

    really agree a 100% with @lisa ^^^^^^^^^^above

  • Educated Goon

    She is gonna be ugly regardless… poor thang..

  • Educated Goon

    Is that her real hair tho?

    I know one of yall ladies know

  • Pantherbaby

    Whitney Houston and Bobby Kristina the black version of Courtney Love and Frances Bean!



  • PrettyInPink

    Dang! She look just like her momma in that picture…she’s a pretty girl

  • http://Bossip Caramel Peach

    well don’t take much for her to get her hands on dem cancer sticks its in her blood

  • miss dior

    She started smoking already, SMH, hope it doesnt turn into other things.

  • Mz.Destinii....

    i just dont understand how ppl can say her smokin a cig is gonna lead her down that path… smh whatever

    cuter than i thought she would be cuz i was worried for a while

  • WOW!

    Ummm isn’t the swimsuit picture several YEARS old or perhaps she has the same pose and swumsuit from years ago. She’s a decent size…her mom is rail thin and she’s in her 50s.

  • 1987: Cougar Chick

    She looks lighter, hopefully its just the flash

    As far as the cigarette goes, yeah its bad but on the other hand she can be addicted to waaay worse.

    I need to get on her diet, PRONTO

  • zar

    good for her if she is thin cuz she was a very fast child so its beta then her growing up to be obese. smoking a cig u make it sound like she smoking pot its only a cig no big deal i smoke but i dnt drink n i dnt take drugs.

  • dayg715

    you people are idiots. you can’t even tell if that is indeed a cigarette she is holding.

  • pickel

    Such a pity she couldn’t lose some weight off her nose.

  • willy b hardigan

    In the first pic she has a nice package there between her legs and in the second one her eyes are just a little funny

  • anewme

    I was hoping that this poor girl could look at her parents, and want to do the exact opposite. She should use their behavior as a stepping stone to want to change things in her own life, but if she keeps going this route, she will end up just like them. Sad, but true. I hope she gets it together before its too late.

  • It's Too Late.....

    No one is strong enough to fight off Bobby/Whitney-DNA.

  • whoknew!?

    she looks like a lot of young girls. what’s the big deal. well…she’s smoking, or is she just posing. i agree that the bobby/whitney dna is probably some powerful stuff.

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