Khloe Kardashian Is Ballin’ Like That?!?! Buys Husband Lamar Odom A “Double R” Phantom

- By Bossip Staff


Khloé Kardashian Odom bought her man Lamar Odom a brand-new Rolls Royce as a present for his Lakers champsionship win. Kris Jenner tells E! exclusively the details of the extravagant gift…”It’s a brand new 2010 Rolls Royce…drop-top coupe, white on white,” says Jenner. “It was a Lakers championship present. Fabulous!”

Odom was spotted rolling in his new ride last night after dinner with his wife, kids and the rest of the Kardashian clan at Boa on Sunset. The car retails for around $400,000.

Now, the pressure is on Lamar as Khloé’s birthday approaches. Wonder what the basketball star will do for his lady? It’ll be hard to beat a gift like that. But it sounds like the two will start with a little trip. While attending the Lakers celebratory parade, a very happy Lamar shared their excitement about an upcoming getaway to Mexico to relax after a long season.

Dayummm Khloe, that’s some Daddy Diddy type gift giving right there.

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  • free

    chile, that’s HIS money she’s spending. at least it’s on him though.

  • izzy

    good for them 1st

  • ReALiSt aKa ReALeSt (11Th CoMmAnDmEnT: ThOu ShALt NoT bAsH tHe BLaCkMaN!!)

    Damn! – she ain’t the most attractive woman out there but she knows how to take care of her man…She’s a good wife regardless of race,color or background..

  • Glok...!!



    Yeah fake marriage or not they actually seem happy. Khloe actually does seem like a girl who is all her about her man and knows how to treat him. She actually seems like the smartest sister when it comes to men and relationships. Kourtney makes me sick with that idiot Scott and we all know how Kim gets down.



  • It's Me

    Good for them… Two ugly birds how nice…

  • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keeping it Real

    She’ll get it all back and then some when she divorces him!! She’ll have enough money then to buy her whole family Royces!!!

  • Tammie

    They look happy to me. FYI for those that think she does not have her own money. Um..she has her own show, they own two DASH stores, in addition, she came from money. Folks always have something negative to say. If she is spending his money……..don’t hate. You wish it were you.

  • LaDiva

    Hey do u ma…

  • http://http/ Ben

    Let Lamar smile while he can she will know the right time to hit him with divorce papers and not cars.When his career starts to decline and the big money is no longer coming in she will be gone.It it very sad that woman no white man would touch a black man would wife it.

  • You Smell Me??

    You mean she bought that Phantom with HIS money….


  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    i like khloe the best out of her fam. she seems the most real and funny.

  • britchick91

    shes my fav 1 out of all of them

  • Sara

    You folks forget when you don’t have to pay to live you can buy things like that. If he pays the bills, she has plenty of money to buy things like that.

    Just like Paula Patton/Jada/Catherine Zeta-Jones/Victoria Beckham. They can buy all the clothes, bags, shoes they want because it is their men who are paying the bills.

    Their money goes toward them and I bet Khloe is the same way. You marry money and use your money on yourself, the kids, and him sometimes.

  • Drama fa' yo' momma!

    Ummm…HELLOOOOOOO! Lamar is married, she’s broke and doesn’t make much. She makes from the store like…maybe $500k/year. She paid that mostly from HIS FUNDS! DUH!

  • dayg715

    oh please. the NBA most likely funded 80% of the bill.

  • Yun Dun Know

    That’s like asking my Dad for $40 so I can go out and buy him a Father’s Day gift.


    But hey, how do we know that her money isnt long?

    I’ve never heard of a broke socialite. Before Lamar, this was what she was, and most times “socialites” are have money handed down to them (i.e Paris Hilton, that Johnson chick who was dating Tila Tequila, who died).

    So….she just may have had some dough somewhere.

    Dont speculate cuz you dont like the broad.


    This some boolshyt…

  • b'more

    remember, folks, in this twisted society, the rich and famous get discounts because of who they are. if the car retails at $400K, the dealer probably knocked off about $250K in exchange for the press and publicity they’ll get from an NBA champ and his reality show wife making the “purchase”. it brings even more publicity and sales to the company. remember, those kardashian chicks get paid major $$$ to show up at clubs to bring in more business to the clubs. this is basically the same thing.

  • LuvN_Life

    I Do Noy like these Heffa’s at all!” However i do believe Kourtney has it like that,they just finished taping a 2nd season of Khloe and Kourtney take Miami,which pays them at least 500K per season that’s the least.
    AND DAAAAAYYYYYUm Kim is One Ugly and old looking girl
    She straight ruined herself literally and figurativley

  • LuvN_Life

    OOOOps Typo..

    I Do Not like these Heffa’s at all!” However i do believe Khloe has it like that,they just finished taping a 2nd season of Khloe and Kourtney take Miami,which pays them at least 500K per season that’s the least.
    AND DAAAAAYYYYYUm Kim is One Ugly and old looking girl
    She straight ruined herself literally and figurativley

  • JUDY

    That was nice of the Kardashians to buy Lamar a car for going along with that sham of a marriage.

    According to their arrangement,Khloe wont see a dime of Lamar’s money. Lamar is a smart man.

  • Niasia

    Oh good for them…why does everyone hate on them? They seem happy to me. And they are still together. I have always liked Khloe. She is down to earth and IMO a pretty girl. Haters will hate though…so y’all go ahead and do your jobs in 5…4…3..2..

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