Question Of The Day: Are You Wifey Material???

- By Bossip Staff

Most women today would consider themselves wifey material, but the only problem is… They’re S-I-N-G-L-E!!! Studies have shown that black men like exploring other options therefore leaving single black women that only want to date single black men… Up Sh*t Creek!!! So, maybe the question isn’t are you wifey material, the question probably should be what is a man looking for when he’s trying to find wifey!!!

5 Things Men Look for in a Wifey

1. Assess her personality. This means her personal characteristics, emotions, style and expressions. Her perspective on the world around her, combined with her level of self-esteem, can speak volumes about the type of life partner and future parent she will be.

2. Know how attracted you are to her. Physical and sexual attraction can mean different things to different people. To some, romance and intimacy are key, while others prefer more active and kinky activities to really make them feel attracted to their partner. It’s important that your attraction and chemistry are mutual, and sustainable for years to come as a married couple.

3. Consider her level of intelligence. Finding a mate mutually matched near your level of intelligence is important to compatibility and having meaningful conversations as a couple. How she observes the world, either casually or aggressively, her level of education, sense of humor, skills, hobbies and conversation style are all important elements of this assessment.

4. Determine how she handles money. Money matters affect everyone, and finances are a key factor in the success of a marriage. Pay attention to spending style, lifestyle, professional ambitions and financial goals when determining your compatibility when it comes to spending and saving.

5. Know her values and compare them with yours. Spiritual values don’t necessarily mean affiliation with a religion but rather a general belief in a reason and purpose for being here. Other values to consider include those involved with family, stability, purpose, religion, optimism, honesty and integrity.

These 5 things are not much for any woman to do, but lets be honest, there are some women who are delusional enough to think they are assets, when they usually turn out to be major liabilities and the same thing goes for men. A woman shouldn’t look at a man’s wallet and say “He’s the one for me,” because money can’t hold you at night.



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  • Caramel Cat™

    wow, how ironic…the Joran Van Der Sloot thread must have prompted this… 😛

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    i’ll be wifey material when i’m in my 40s, calmed down and have more patience for people and their bullsh@#. til then i’ll keep trolling the blogs for sh@#s and giggles…:)

  • starchild

    the list is a good starting point for any man who is considering marriage. However, the biggest impediment to marriage today is a shortage of marriagable women the serious downside of mariage for men. once a man enters into that contract with a womanhe is basically powerless against her within any family structure they build and in the legal system. for most men it just isnt worth the risk.

  • B3 Fearless

    Lol those same qualities women should think about as well when determining if a man is husband material.

    I admit #4 is what I had to work on and still am working on as far as saving.

  • Caramel Cat™

    Hey B3 Fearless!

    I agree, men need to come with the same qualities…


    Depends on who is wifing me. Maybe you are not husband material. Maybe you are.

  • Caramel Cat™

    where’s Kigali, she’s always got something “interesting” to say in these types of threads…

  • thatARMYchick~HOOAH!!

    What woman would want to be “wifey”??! …Why not wait and hold out until you get the actuall title of WIFE!! …a wifey is just the main/#1 b*tch, an actual WIFE is the ONE AND ONly, she has everything: the title, the ring, the house, etc etc etc… (I’m just sayin’)

  • Yun Dun Know



  • ShawnM

    I wouldn’t want to be “Wifey” material anyway, I would rather be “Wife” material… There’s a big difference. #Im-just-saying

  • LaDiva

    @ B3 Fearless & Caramel Cat

    Hi ladies.
    The truth is that most women are tired of the bs that many men bring.
    I have plenty of girlfriends who have the mentality of “if he can do it, then I’ma do it better”…
    I think women have gotten tired of being told to sit down while men have run amock on them… Moving forward tho, in this day in age, there are not too many ppl who are marriage material period… (this goes for both men and women)…Too busy playing the field and never getting to home.

  • B3 Fearless

    @Caramel Cat!

    Hey!!!! I haven’t seen you in a minute on here. Good to see you. Hey you are married. Read what I just posted. That’s something nice that married couples can do for each other.

    Shoot even ppl in committed relationships can do that nice gesture.

  • LaDiva

    @ ShawnM


  • It's Me

    Whateva! Next Subject

  • foreallydoe

    I don’t know what the race comment had to do with the rest of the post butI think everyone should be introspective if you are looking for a life mate. Too many people look at what someone can offer them and do not look at what they should be bringing to the table. As a man on more than a few occasions a woman has told me what I should be doing “as a man”. I accept that but whenever I ask them what they should be doing “as a woman” they never have a answer or stumble over some mumbo jumbo that they’re making up on the spot. My point is how can you have such a defined role for a man but never consider what you should be doing as a woman? I find that to be hilarious and sad at the same time. This is probably not all women. Just my experience.

  • Caramel Cat™

    Hey LaDiva!

    I agree, I think the pickings are slim these days…but I think that for those who are actually out there pursuing it actively, it can be attained…

    @B3 Fearless

    I think what you posted was really positive and enriching. My husband and I did something very similar to this in our pre-cana marital counseling…


    Being a woman is complex and sometimes we make choices that alienate our partners. Not saying we need to bow the faq down to anyone, but humility goes a long way. Especially when you ultimate goal is marriage, compromise is key.

  • LaDiva

    @ Caramel Cat

    Lol relationships are hard nowadays…
    To attain a good man is near impossible.
    But there are indeed wonderful men out there -the same goes for women.
    And yes u can find an ideal mate if you limit your time with those playing the field.


    God favors Me (b-day gurl dis wknd): Lol you know?? Everyday they must post a bashing session. WHY?

  • Caramel Cat™

    @Matix B

    Not saying we need to bow the faq down to anyone, but humility goes a long way. Especially when you ultimate goal is marriage, compromise is key.



  • B3 Fearless

    Hi LaDiva, Matix, Yun Dun Know, etc.

    I agree about the comments about wifey vs. wife and LaDiva that comment about every1 (men and women) being “Too busy playing the field and never getting to home.” That comment is right on the money.

    I’m not sweating marriage tho. I see it as an ideal that I would love to have, but I really don’t see myself freaking out about it if it never happens.

    I really do enjoy my life, I have my son and I have experienced real love once so overall if I were to get hit by a bus tomorrow single and all I’m good! 😀

  • Lord Montgomery

    There is only one requirement to be wifey material ……. “Shut the H$%L up”

  • Caramel Cat™


    I agree with you sister. I just have learned to be more positive over the years in relation to finding that special someone. I think women are so used to defending ourselves and proving ourselves that we treat men the same way and sometimes we let some good ones get away…all because they SEEM to be not on the same page as we are. We are all a work-in-progress, so we have to be open to others and their faults. But, you are right, the first step is knowing up front if the person you are dealing with is looking for the same end result as you. If a man tells you he ain’t ready for marriage…believe him…

  • B3 Fearless

    @God favors me…

    Ummm just reading your sn got me excited we (my youth and yound adult choir) just sang that the other day. That’s my song!!!

  • Lord Montgomery

    There is only one requirement to be wifey material ……. Be quite for long periods of time ….. silence is golden..

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