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Barber cutting young boys hair in barbershop - closeup

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Back in September of last year, BOSSIP reported on a Black family in Mont Belvieu, Texas who filed a federal civil rights lawsuit on behalf of their son Darryl George who was suspended for THREE WEEKS from Barbers Hill High School because his locs did not fall in line with the school’s arbitrary, outdated, and racist dress code policy. Kids go to school to enrich their minds, not become mindless robots who look, talk, and act alike. However, the school district’s superintendent Greg Poole believes quite the contrary. BOSSIP recently reported about the full-page ad that Poole took out in the Houston Chronicle to defend Darryl’s suspension in the most tone-deaf manner possible saying, and we quote, “Being an American requires conformity with the positive benefit of unity.”

So, now, this young Black boy isn’t even American because he doesn’t have “American hair”? We sincerely hope that this man falls down a flight of stairs.

According to new NBCNews reporting, State District Judge Chap Cain III (an unfriendly-to-Black-folks name if we ever heard one) has ruled in favor of the school in the family’s lawsuit straight-up saying that the school’s rule, “does not prohibit nor does it discriminate against male students who wear braids, locs, or twists.” Well, if suspending Darryl George over his hair length doesn’t constitute discrimination, then there is no such thing as discrimination, period.

Candice Matthews, a family spokesperson, said the decision has left Darryl tearful and distraught to say the very least.

“All because of my hair?” he said, according to Matthews. “I can’t get my education because of my hair. I can’t be around my peers and enjoy my junior year because of my hair.” Matthews said the family has vowed not to “lay down. They would continue to fight.”

To the hottest part of Hell with all these stale ass soup cookies. They are a cancer to society and should be treated as such.


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