Amber Rose Is Always Naked While Yeezy Kicks It With Model Broads

- By Bossip Staff

Amber Rose reveals that she’s ‘very comfortable with her body‘ and ‘always naked’ (Surprise, surprise). Meanwhile, Kanye West was spotted flossing in NYC with model chicks. Pop it for details..

Amber tells YRB magazine:

“I’m very comfortable with my body, even in my home I’m always naked. I love being free – no hair and no clothes.

“Sometimes the fame does get overwhelming because, for example, I like to be on the beach with my man with no top on. I’m very comfortable with my body, but there’s no privacy – that’s the only thing that overwhelms me. Every time I see a light flash I think it’s the paparazzi. Those f**kers give me anxiety.”

Yeezy does NYC:

Kanye West has found other models to spend time with besides on-off girlfriend Amber Rose. West and Q-Tip took Sports Illustrated beauty Jessica White out for her 26th birthday dinner at Tao on Monday. White, who’s said to be dating R&B singer Trey Songz, was joined by model friend Irina Shayk and a handful of other pals. The crew then went to Avenue in Chelsea, where the girls danced, took photos and chatted with “Gossip Girl” star Ed Westwick. White and her gal pals partied until 3 a.m.

Good for Ye’, perhaps he even chopped that Jessica down, because we know she’s not really dating lil Trey Trey..

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  • badd1

    But I can’t WAITTTTTTTT for Kanye
    to come back out !!!!!!.
    We miss you Kanyeeeee !


    I hate to BREAK this to you…..

    But JESSICA WHITE is a well known INDUSTRY BEARD.

    Now let’s look at who was in attendance to this little “PARTY”

    Kanye West, Q-Tip, and she’s “dating” TREY SONGZ.

    Oh let’s also remember that she used to “DATE” John Legend.

    This is a round up of the MOST SUSPECT MEN in the Music Industry.
    I’m just saying what should be VERY Obvious.

  • She's Nicole

    “Amber Rose” is an ex-stripper turned gold-digger and she is worshipped by the black community. Kanye West is a quoted devil worshipper and he is also worshipped by the black community. Now that you get the gest of what the black community is about, you are complaining about racism for what reasons again? Black people are trash they worship trash and represent trash.

  • Glok...We luv tha gurlz wit da Pumps & a BUMP!!


  • Mock Rock Star

    I guess Kanye was trying to turn Amber into an Appolonia. I wonder if he’s ever going to be in a committed relationship???

  • CharmingPervert

    I bet Amber’s áss taste like pecan pie.

  • It's Me

    Say what ya’ll want about Amber but I will love to bounce in that thang…Her body is on point and tighter that most women…

  • badd1

    @ Glok…We luv tha gurlz wit da Pumps & a BUMP!!.:
    Yeah but has he had any of his own concerts or show appearances.?? HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

  • Sheez-Da-truth

    I love Amber but kayne with a black woman…I would love anymore…imjustsayin

  • Sheez-Da-truth

    *even more

  • smartee

    Nobody cares about this sk*nk anymore! I never got why people were all up her a** like she was somebody! Just a regular, disgusting, low life stripper who f**ked a famous guy, and used him to get famous on blogs! And then blogs have a nerve to call her a model? What modeling has she done? She was in one perfume ad that Kanye got her in and is in the Kanye Ad up above. This b**ch hasn’t even modeled for Target! I like seeing Jessica White because she’s an exotic brown/dark skinned sista, but she needs to get her promo on and stop sleeping with all these D List celebrity singers!

  • badd1

    @ Glok.:
    GTFOH….Kanye West?? pleaseeee.
    You sound like an idiot.
    i’m done talking to you.
    & lmaooo @ smartee>;


    Jessica White is a damn HO!

  • crazyy

    shes a dumb wench and he’s rudee

  • iBillz

    What’s up with his mouth in that pic yo?


    She does have a good body,pretty face and a rich B/F…..She just has no talent…Ah well cant have it all I guess lol

  • KOOL GUY,,,WAS,HERE!!;;'


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