Breezy Bakes A Cake For Rihanna’s Jasmine’s Birthday

- By Bossip Staff

Chris Brown celebrated his new girlfriend Jasmine Sanders’ birthday yesterday by baking her a cake along with his homie-lover-friend Teyana Taylor, then the threesome headed out to Playhouse nightclub to party like rockstars. Pop the hood for the pics

Teyana we see you reppin’ for the GhostFace Killa crew… In case you’re wondering where the photos are from, attention whores Teyana and Jasmine posted them on Twitter!

Click HERE For Their Tweets

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  • dee

    GET IT CHRIS!!!!! She’s a pretty girl…..still think you need a dark skinned girl to turn you out though. lol


    Hmm you know how he acts in cars if I were them I would run or not make any sudden moves towards his phone, he may grow ugly like the incrediable jack hole and whoop that arse!

  • Whatev

    Wow, she looks a lot less pretty than in her modeling pics… & She and Teyana both look washed out and old in these pics, to be so young.

  • Genell

    first! they look good together

  • Blah

    How sweet of him, although she is not cute is this pic. Photoshop does wonders.

  • Genell

    Oh…I thought I was first…haha

  • ?

    she’s not cute at all!

  • smartee

    OMG, is Jasmine seriously trying to get famous off posting pics of her and Chris Brown and then sending them to blogs? That is so lame. She should be glad that she’s like a lot of high fashion models… get paid, travel around the world, and meet celebs without being known! She’s going to regret it because now people are going to start bashing her!

  • Silent Swagg

    awww…how cute

  • eg

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    Poor Poor Bite Em Brown.

    Chris took these pictures to make people think he is really dating this Rihanna CLONE!

    Do you notice how the only photos we’ve seen of these two COME form KICK BROWN himself. How he is ALWAYS acting in his photos.

    This girl is so irrelevant and she’s not CUTE or a Model.

    Chanel Iman is a SUPER MODEL and she does not even compare to the REAL Rihanna.

    I hate to see people being used and by someone this DUMB!

    Chris thinks Europe is a Country not a Continent. LMAO

    If you want to see a real HOLLYWOOD Couple look at Rihanna and Matt!


  • Choco

    Chris is cuuuuutttteeee

  • LEE

    Get it Breezy!! Haven’t seen a smile on Chris’s face like that in a while…..LOVE them together, gorgeous couple…TEAM BREEZY FOR LIFE…..!!!

  • Cammie

    Dating a Can’t get Visa,Album flopped, felon…Good career move Jasmine..This girl will never be on the cover of V or Elle like Rihanna….

    I think Rihanna is prettier also, Jasmine looks about 30 and her chin is long.

  • CharmingPervert

    lol @ the females who say she isn’t pretty. She’s stunning. Give me a break with this “Not cute” B.S.

  • GTFOH with the dumb ((the one & only))

    Aww, he baked for her. So glad he’s moving on.Very cute couple.

    Hmm, that just means the professional stalkers will have to post more huh? lmao

  • Yo Momma

    whoomp whoomp.
    Chris Brown is like a used condom.

  • enufalready

    Nice photo,

  • fan4life

    you go chris enjoy your life man for get those haters!!!!!!!!

  • Cammie


    Beauty is in the Eye of the beholder

    She is cute, but she isn’t stunning like Noemie Lenoir..yet she looks the same age as Noemie…sorry..

  • GTFOH with the dumb ((the one & only))

    yeah he used your daughter…lol

  • aries79

    Good… Everybody has move on,,,,NOW
    lets talk about something new

  • Cammie

    I guess he got alot of time on his hands with his European Tour being canceled because of a rejected Visa…Jasmine is going to become another victim of his personality. Iam glad Enimen and Rihanna are releasing that song about Domestic Violence. People keep trying to pump this dude up but his career is still flopping…

  • Bobby B.

    I hope she got some health insurance for her Birthday, lol. Lord knows she will need it since it’s only a matter of time before this trash convicted felon strikes again lol

  • GTFOH with the dumb ((the one & only))

    Oh stop with that bs…the girl is stunning, extremely pretty and any other adjective you want to give for beauty. Some of you are so f**** jealous hearted it doesn’t make any sense. She’s not trying to sell you anything. She’s with her man on her birthday. If it’s for a minute, an hour or eternity, that’s their lives.

    Live your life, they are living theirs.

    I’m out, always drama.

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