Lady Gaga Falls In Airport While Rockin Some Ridiculous A$s Frankenstein Boots….Pure Comedy

- By Bossip Staff

Lady Gaga and her attempt to be the weirdest most outrageous looking person in Heathrow Airport in London failed. This wacky broad and those crazy a$s boots above took a major L.

Peep the comedy when you…

According to Radaronline:

The always outrageous Lady Gaga – wearing massive platform boots – tripped and fell at Heathrow Airport in London Wednesday morning..

The Poker Face singer had just flown into London from New York City when she lost her footing. Fortunately, she wasn’t bruised — other than her pride possibly.

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  • dee

    Good for her, hahhaaa!
    But i’m still impressed that she can even take a few steps with those ridiculous shoes.


    She is a mess, ugh just a mess!

  • Book Worm

    Mmmm, chaps? Really?

  • Precious You're a Dummy B*tch! @VonniMediaMogul

    lol crazy b!tch thts what she gets. *Precious mom voice* u think u somethn special? ole UPPITY b!tch** hahaha

  • Keepnit100

    *Dead* at the pic




  • bee

    hahahahahahahaha…i knew she couldn’t walk in these damn things she likes to call shoes………she gots to be walking at some extra slow pace to barely manage these………hahahahahahahahahaha

  • smartee

    Ah Ha… this is what this disgusting, ghostly, man looking b**ch gets. I cant stand this wh**e! I can’t stand her because she’s fame seeking and attention wh**ing! It really is a shame that someone would wear the most ridiculous outfit that she can find just to get her pictures taken from the paps. WTF is wrong with her? And then she has millions of fans who support her? SMDH! It’s old now and soon her fans will be fed up with her nonsense.

  • BossLady

    I can’t stand this lame. She is the epitome of what is wrong with society. As long as it isn’t ‘right’ or ‘normal’ is GREAT! The only talent that she has is distracting us from the fact that she has no talent. Hence all the antics. NEXT…….


    it was bound 2 happen!!

  • Tiny-T

    LMBAO!!!!!!!!this foolishness is ridiculous!

  • uhh yeah ok

    Good, next I hope she falls off a cliff.

  • drenk

    looks like satan never taught her to walk in heels

  • http://* Kristina

    Oh, I see ya’ll deleted that post. Good, because that made no sense. Anyways, I’m surprised she was able to walk 3 feet in those shoes. She could have broken her neck or something. It’s a shame what ppl will do for attention.

  • Yun Dun Know

    Hey…well she can look on the bright side.

    The fall brought her closer to hell. Isnt that what she wanted???

    Now all we have to do is figure out how to keep her there??

    Shouldnt be a prob since she’s paving the way herself to be there permanently.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    people running to catch a flight and her dumb a$$ holding up traffic…why would you wear those type of shoes to travel on an airplane?! save them for another occasion

  • Secretcharming


  • kookee jenkins


    this gaga trick is a retarded mental patient… return to sender

  • Yun Dun Know



  • Yo Momma

    where she belongs.

  • sholla21

    If she really hurts her ankle, she might tone all that foolishness down.

    Yawn. On to the next one.

  • LovelyLisa


  • Precious You're a Dummy B*tch! @VonniMediaMogul

    Oh leave her alone! Has anyone been to hollywood? The entire town is full of ppl doing things for attention to make it. That is the you know how many people just want to be famous period? They don’t even have a specific talent..just want to be famous. Give her her 15minutes and let her be. Stylisticly she is taking chances no one else is willing to do and breaking the norm. We haven’t had anyone that outlandish of a performer since Madonna.


    LMMFAO!!! Too funny!!

  • Lala_NEXT


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