Tupac’s “Dear Mama” To Be Preserved In Library Of Congress

- By Bossip Staff

Tupac Shakur is one of 3 American rappers that will have a song preserved in the Library of Congress. Pop the hood for details Continue

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  • Mock Rock Star

    Good for him

  • Menominee_Nation


    …should def be HOW DO YOU WANT IT?

  • Somali Ninga

    Love that song!

  • Matix B Women in the Hockey Hall of Fame!!

    This will quiet anyone trying to say TuPac is just a rapper. This is part of history for 21rst century blacks. He should be made a posthumous Poet Laureate.

  • sholla21

    “Ladaayy, don’t you know we love you (you are appreciated) sweet ladaayy…
    There’s no one above you (you are appreciated) sweet ladaayy..”

    Lol, let me stop. Love that song!

  • Reality

    The need to put the Illmatic NAS’s first Album in the library of congress. With all due respect to my Lord and Savior Jesus, Illmatic is the hiphop bible.

  • anon

    Changes would have been a better optional.

  • anon

    Changes would’ve been a better option.

  • Powell

    He is soooooo over rated.

  • BayAreaChick

    Love him!!

  • LaDiva

    Yeahhh this is my 2nd favorite 2pac song, next to “keep ya head up”…

  • Mack Jr

    This is the best move congress has made since its introduction to the American public. Tupac is recognized as a prominent African American. He is in discussions with people like mlk. malcom x. nelson mandela and President Barack Obama.

  • sexzlady


  • God favors Me

    2 the above hater

    Pac is not overrated. Boo stop!!! Most of that man’s music was way before his time. Even after he died his songs were relevant to the present and future. I do believe you need to quit being a hater.

  • tellthetruth5678

    I love that song. It always bring tears to my eyes when I think of my mother. R.I.P momma!

  • theoneandonly

    WTH won’t you post my damn comment!?

  • theoneandonly

    @ Powell, you surely don’t know what you are talking about. Tupac may have been a lot of things but overrated is not one of them! He was and still is to a lot of people more than just a rapper, he was a poet, an activist, a voice to a lot who had a hard time speaking. Next time you say Tupac and overrated for your sake make sure they aren’t in the same scentence!

  • crystal

    rip to the best rapprs

  • http://www.riegninglegacies.com Authentic

    @ Powell
    I SOOOOOOOO agree….. People praise him and he brought our black man mentality 2 a sad low and it is evident in the 26 & up black men.
    The sad part is that he was a powerful brother but he was bought and didn’t get PAID for it.
    N.i-g.a’s that ain’t never had nothing. That’s how the devil get them…

  • love is real

    Cause even tho I act crazy I got thank the lord that ya made me

  • LadyJNewYork

    I agree “Tupac is so over rated”, and I don’t get all the “hype” about him. Maybe if he had been “true to himself” in whom he really was instead of portraying “gangster/thug” he’d still be alive. jmo

    Although I like the songs “How Do You Want It”, and “Brenda’s Gotta Baby”, everything else in his catalog is just okay to me…….****shrug shoulders****

  • ReALiSt aKa ReALeSt (11Th CoMmAnDmEnT: ThOu ShALt NoT bAsH tHe BLaCkMaN!!)

    Long overdue! – R.I.P Makavelli!!!

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