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Gayest Video Ever: Boys Battle Ciara With “Ride” Dance: CLICK HERE

Brandy Behind the Scenes For 160g Magazine Cover Swimsuit Photo Shoot: CLICK HERE

1-Year Old Singing Chris Brown’s “Crawl”: CLICK HERE

USA Algeria World Cup: USA Josie Altidore Pass For Game Winning Landon Donovan Goal!: CLICK HERE

Jatara Jones’ Ex-Boyfriend On Judge Judy “I Didn’t Actually Lose My Civil Right, Something Like That”: CLICK HERE

Trey Songz Talking About Rise In Career And Ultimate Plans: CLICK HERE

President Barack Obama At LGBT Pride Reception Tells Gays “You Guys Look Right At Home”: CLICK HERE

*BossipVideo Exclusive* Joe Exclusive & “Boyz Noise” Go In On Katt Stacks And Nicki Minaj: CLICK HERE

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  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    No words!

  • drenk

    come on guys i understand if youre gay, but why be so flaming and stereotypical…?

  • Smittyt

    Thats why gays are so hated,because they act so damn stupid, and they are some pathetic.To gays ignorance is a good thing.Those flamming ones really get on my nerves.

  • super goon one

    This is really annoying.

  • lmn5566

    To gays ignorance is a good thing.Those flamming ones really get on my nerves.
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  • Seanie3000

    Disgusting and against nature.

  • Kendras husband is a fool

    **blinking**wide-eyed-blank stare**

  • Yun Dun Know

    The effeminiate black man.

    One who doesnt seek a wife or family because he is caught up in a lifestyle that is NOT theirs.

    It has been taught to them.

    F*ck all that BS about “you’re born gay” GTFOH

    Society comes up with all the wrong reasons to make something right, but right, gets played to the left like someone with Ebola.

    I tell you….they are trying to make you believe that wrong is right; that dark is light.

    AND ITS NOT…….

  • Educated Goon

    ^^ STFU

    Anyway.. No homo.. But the dude in the jean pants should consider being a choreographer for female R&B artist.

  • wifey06

    one gay nation under God- we took God out of everything.. now the devil is winning!!!!!!!!

    God gives us all battles whther it is flesh, drugs, etc. It is whether we succumb to it that counts!!!

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