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Withered Christmas Tree Dumped Outdoors after Christmas Season

Christmas Tree- Source: Pawel Kajak / Getty

An Irish woman’s $820K injury claim is now closed after she was photographed winning a bizarre Christmas tree tossing competition.

When it comes to insurance claims or injury claims you have to get your story 100% correct or you’ll lose every time. One Irish woman is learning that that hard way after a little bit of fun cost her $820,000.

According to NBC News citing The Irish Independent, Kamila Grabska was involved in a car accident in 2017 and alleged she had “debilitating pain” as a result of the accident. She also said that it made it impossible for her to work or do any heavy lifting for over five years and she claimed that past and future loss of earnings amounted to around $542,000 of her total claim.

Her case was ultimately thrown out after she was photographed winning a Christmas tree-throwing competition. The winner of the contest is the person who throws a tree the farthest and needless to say, winning the contest went against everything she claimed in her lawsuit. When the photo came up in court, Grabska alleged that she “felt pain” while she threw the tree and the smile on her face was her attempt to “live a normal life.”

NBC reports that Judge Carmel Stewart, who presided over the case, didn’t buy it and said she had no choice but to dismiss the claim because of the “very graphic picture” of Grabska’s throwing the Christmas tree, which was “at odds” with the medical evidence provided.

An entry on the Courts Service of Ireland says Grabska’s case was dismissed last week. It did not include any further details.

A spokesperson for RSA Insurance said in a statement to The Irish Independent that “the significant majority of claims that we handle are genuine” and said the firm is “very pleased with the outcome.”

When you get caught red-handed doing insurance fraud there isn’t much you can say and Grabska is lucky she didn’t end up behind bars for her little stunt.



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