Tiger Woods… What’s Wrong With This Picture???

- By Bossip Staff

Tiger Woods will never live down the embarrassment of getting caught cheating with those cheap scalawags. On the other hand this pic above is priceless!!!

What’s Wrong With This Picture???

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  • drenk

    nothing wrong here, just tiger doing what he does

  • loss

    I met my black guy on
    {3 W – uk-interracial-match – C /O M}.
    It is an interracial dating place

  • bee

    haha dis is funny still

  • count_schemula

    What’s Wrong With This Picture???

    That girl actually might be hot, that’s what’s wrong with that there picture… lol.

  • Aaisha Hajjah

    She don’t look skanky enuff for one.

  • jdmann

    Tiger’s using a wedge instead of a 9 iron lol



  • Big Roy

    I gotta admit, that’s a funny pic

  • Bey-nonsense

    he didn’t cough lol

  • God favors Me

    Lmmfao poor Tiger will never live this down. Lmao

  • MrsAsamu


  • Pretty brown eyes

    She ain’t blond? other then that..that ish made me laugh

  • Moreaces

    He’s gonna be punked a long long time for his mess… Wonderful

  • http://deleted CriticXtreme

    Nothing wrong with this image. It shows the truth and Tiger is a lucky mofo.

  • ro

    Hes gonna come back stronger than ever. Its always been Tiger vs Everyone else. And that battle can never be won, cause Tiger can never quit, and neither will everyone else. This is just the period in his life where everyone else just one-upped him. But years from now thats all its gonna be. His Legacy wont be defined by this rather itll be defined by what he does on the golf course for the rest of his life. And i believe hes gonna be better than before.

  • Delight23

    that is actually funny. no sympathies for ANYONE involved…’k maybe the kids.

    Marrying for money carries a heavy price. The piper arrived for his due. Deal with it.

  • http://www.riegninglegacies.com Boj Oil " Better than Lotion"

    I know he will be glad when this goes away… Is he winning games?

  • David


  • Pogi

    Tiger is with a BLACK girl..

  • http://www.twitter.com/hughheff4 hughdiddy

    lol love it

  • arieschick

    Come on learn to laugh that shyt is FUNNY!

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