Young Jeezy’s New Lyrics: “White Bent, White Benz, I Even Got A White B*tch… All White Everything!!!”

- By Bossip Staff

Young Jeezy’s new jawn “All White Everything” is everything but creative. Exactly how much longer are we going to allow Young Jeezy to glamorize trappin’??? Word is he looks up to some of the so-called prominent figures in Hip-Hop and last time we checked… They stopped rappin’ about selling drugs when they changed clothes.

Hate It or Love It?!?!

All White Everything:

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  • LuvN_Life


  • CheckOutMyMelody

    He’s so whack…That’s all he ever talks about. I’ve been telling ninjas that for a while. He’s limited.

  • CheckOutMyMelody

    @Young God – Word!!!

  • loc

    Err thing white except his eyes

  • Crazy A. Rodney

    Call ME CRAZY but i think he makes Black People look BAD ! ! !

  • Playlist

    If he sold as much white as he said he did, then he’d be rotting in a jail by now.

  • Dizzy McElroy

    Songs like this give Bill O’Reily an erection — no homo

  • Alaskan Baby

    this song is a big hit in alaska — no joke

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    This song takes Black People 50 years back — no lie

  • D.

    This is the era of garbage rap. What do you expect?

  • byrdlady

    Man yall haters!! Jeezy go hard!! Don’t hate on this man cause he making money in the rap game. Yall might not like him but last time I checked his albums sell everytime so sumbody like him!! Dirty South rappers taking ova!! Don’t hate the player hate the game!!!!

  • tellthetruth5678

    I used to like him. Now I’m no longer a fan. What a waste!


    jezzy = brainwashed

  • Buttacupp

    Hip Hop/R&B will never be the same

  • Curious1 aka P r o n e 2 Bossip Induced Hissy Fits/ Red Pill vs Blue Pill

    Flucked Up…

  • Yuh Dun Know

    Not for nothing, but, does it seem like alot of artists are pushing this “being with a white girl” fad????

    It seems that they are trying to deter the black men away from black women?

    I could be reaching though, but I analyze everything.

    All I’m saying is that I dont heat any white (male) artists talking about being with a black woman.

    Hell, John Mayer debunked them!

  • Eu

    all yall Hater cuz he on and yall not

  • Yuh Dun Know


  • cutlo

    One thing I can say, he did sell a LOT of dope, It is gettin old rappin about it but I knew him when he was young Jay, and even before that servin up tone and gee-boo. major weight!

  • Yuh Dun Know


    Lemme guess…’re either a wanna-be thug whose trying to find his identity OR a hoodrat who’d probably f*ck Jeezy off GP.


    “Cuz he’s on”

    How simple-minded is that response??

    Believe me, none of us are “haters” cuz he’s “on”. LMMFAO

    Ah… hood n*ggas kill me.

  • Kasie Sen'10'r 1992

    I don’t know why and it could just be me…but I have never liked one of his songs or any song that involved him

  • soufdallas

    dont listen to his music then dummies……..he doesnt make records for certain fokes……when he makes a record with rihanna again………….then u can jump on em…..

  • tina

    He bit off of that “yellow song”,”womp”.

  • Blame Yourself

    When are you people going to stop blaming society and the media for what’s going on with you? All that is proving is that you are weak minded individuals to be so easily brainwashed. If you want to blame somebody, look in the damn mirror. Such ignorance. Black people, you are killing yourself and your “culture”! All this jaw jacking on these gossip and social networking sites is making you look even more pitiful to all other people. They just sit back and laugh at you. Stop complaining and do something about it!!!!!

  • ThatsWhatThatIS

    I didn’t even listen! This plantation nicca is irrelevant!!!

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